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Post Info TOPIC: Monday, 9/4, C2C, learning to trust the peace

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Monday, 9/4, C2C, learning to trust the peace

This reading says many of us have gotten used to obsession, worry, crisis, and focusing on everyone else.  It's taken an adjustment period to let go of the frequent mental chatter and find  stillness and serenity instead.  Sometimes we might latch onto old fears because we didn't know how to feel safe unless we were mentally busy.  Worry could falsely give a sense of control.  Sanity and serenity are gifts from alanon that allow us to learn we can trust the peace.


"Mentally busy" describes my state of mind for many years.  And I wasn't busy with positive thinking.  I can identify with the paragraph above.  I was uncomfortable being still or alone, so I kept myself physically and mentally active.  It was truly exhausting but the only way I knew how to feel OK.  With practice of this program, I enjoy peace, moments of quiet, and taking time to rest. Grateful member always.




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Yes! Worry gives me a sense of control because I am obsessing over a solution. There have only been a few times in my life that I have truly surrendered the chaos of active drinking. I guess I feel like Im always waiting for the next shoe to drop and having a plan IF it happens the way my head is telling me it will happen. Just praying to stay in the day and finding joy in it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts


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Thank Lyne for your service and to you and Gailsy for your shares. I read this post this morning but because it's a holiday weekend, it's taken me some time to respond. Still, I know I can never really take a holiday from working my program because little by little I begin to forget the valuable lessons. Admittedly, it's been difficult to keep worry away when one feels inundated with negative messaging from others. Tools I used in days living with active alcoholism work well for many situations. I'm learning how to use them to say NO to particular people, places, things that disrupt my sanity and serenity. I'm letting go more where information updates are concerned. How much is too much, actually compromises my sanity and serenity? Free will allows me to choose what is best for ME. I am doing better at my prioritizing emotional, spiritual and physical well being. Gratitude and other positive affirmations are helping with worry. Prayer. The Serenity Prayer has been and continues to be a great help.


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