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Post Info TOPIC: Al-Anon Members What Are You Grateful For?

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Al-Anon Members What Are You Grateful For?

Hope everyone is having a great weekend and beautiful Sunday. I noticed it's been awhile since we've done a gratitude list here at MIP. I know that some of you make daily gratitude lists. It's not something I do regularly but I always feel more hopeful after considering things for which I'm grateful and reading here at MIP the things which others are thankful for. When life on life's terms can feel overwhelming, listing things for which I'm grateful helps to restore sanity.

Firstly, I'm grateful you are here and reading this post. Maybe you are considering Al-Anon and this is your first visit to this site or maybe you are a long time member of MIP. Either way, I'm thankful for the fellowship Al-Anon provides.

I'm grateful for the presence of a loving higher power that is guiding my life one day at a time.

Thankful for and excited to participate fully in this very beautiful day!

Grateful for health, loved ones and a home.

Grateful for the Al-Anon program and the gift of service.

Good coffee, good books and good music

To be fully present when experiencing the outdoors and nature - all senses activated

Grateful for lifelong lessons - Al-Anon's slogan "Listen and Learn"

Thankful to be hopeful - laugh our loud, enjoy life, let go.

Grateful when I can place my problems in their true perspective trusting my loving hp will bring the best out in me and for me.




Surround yourself with people and elements that support your destiny, not just your history.

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Thanks TT for inspiring us to look at gratitude. I have a very long list, so I will just put a few here:

my friends and family

my dog


having learned how to appreciate and take care of myself


the entire alanon program, and the people in it who help me grow and learn



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Thanks TT for the topic, and both for your shares. Gratitude has great power to lift spirit and realign perspective, good reminder for me to increase the frequency...

My list has to start with ALanon, for me that is the seed from which sprouted all that is good in my life today. That sounds like a big claim, but it is true.

My worldview changed when I discovered Alanon and the perspectives I discovered within, the freedom and possibility of choosing a higher power, and the very reason I would be willing to do so.

The concept of shrinking my sphere of exerted influence and the resulting increase in serenity, understanding that true peace and serenity comes from within, regardless of the external factors I may initially attribute responsibility.

I came to Alanon to figure out how to deal with the alcoholic in my life, I stayed because I was the one who needed my help...

So grateful for the program



"...when we try to control others, we lose the ability to manage our own lives."  - Paths to Recovery 

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Good Morning Everyone. I am grateful for MIP, the Detachment pamphlet, and Al-Anon program giving me tools to establish/maintain a relationship with my HP. I truly appreciate the efforts of members that keep this board alive . And lastly, I am grateful for a mobile device that enables me to safely access this site.


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Hello! I am grateful for the reminder that being grateful is important! :)

I am especially grateful for having learned that I do not need to trade in the currency of alcoholic delusions. I only respond to those who communicate with me with kindness, necessity, and truth and I am resolved to return the same.
Recently my exH has been very busy trying to punch through my peace with a slew of nasty communications. Out of very old habit, I almost slipped, an engaged in dialogue with him, but then I remembered! I DON'T DO THAT ANYMORE. :)

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