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Post Info TOPIC: Monday, 8/7, Hope for Today, my rights as a person

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Monday, 8/7, Hope for Today, my rights as a person

This author speaks about how damaging growing up with alcoholism was, and how alanon has turned things around.  They learned many important things about the rights they are entitled to:

-the right to speak at a meeting without interruption or advice

-that anonymity would be respected

-that "no" is a complete sentence and one can refuse without explanation

-the value of the Serenity Prayer being applied to relationships

-we have the choice to do what's best for us as long as it's not hurting anyone else

-the right to set realistic goals and achieve them at my own pace

-success is irrelevant and failure can be an opportunity to grow


I think this summary just about says it all, in telling me what program can do for us and what it has done for me.  Grateful member always.



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Thanks Lyne for the reading and for your share. Grateful for Al-anon's "To thine own self be true." Grateful as a work in progress, for Al=anon's journey of self discovery.  For the most part, I am no longer hostage to faulty thinking such as people pleasing. I can and do listen and learn from other people but ultimately, I lean on a loving God and trust my hp's will for me when making choices. My daily goal  is to keep moving in a healthful positive direction from reacting to others and life to sane thinking and life affirming actions. With increased self knowledge and in gratitude to my loving hp, I am make more conscious self focused choices today. My goal continues to be to live my own life fully and serenely. 

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Surround yourself with people and elements that support your destiny, not just your history.

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