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Post Info TOPIC: Hope for Today July 16

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Hope for Today July 16

Good morning everyone:

Todays reading is about the issue of trust.  The writer describes having grown up in an alcoholic family and as a result, not understanding the process of trust. He/she would confide intimate details almost immediately to people, then feel hurt or betrayed.  Over time the writer began to approach trust like the rungs of a ladder.  Rather than immediately divulge too much, he/she would talk at a base level (first rung) and get a feel for the other person. If it felt safe, the writer would proceed up the ladder to share more. If there was a feeling of not being safe, the writer would back down the ladder.  The writer began to learn that we do have some control over the process of trust.

Like the writer (and many of us!), I work on the issue of trust as well.  I think in my case it has been almost the opposite of the writers experience: keeping my most inner thoughts and beliefs very close and inside for a long while before sharing with others. Even after knowing someone for a long time I may not share the way I could. I would describe this part of me as guarded, and just like other traits I keep a watchful eye that it doesnt become too extreme.

The Thought for Today starts with a sentence that can apply to those of us who are more like the writer and  confide too much too soon and those like me who keep it all under lock and key:

Trust is a process over which I have some control.

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful Sunday:)


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