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Post Info TOPIC: Hope for Today, Monday, 5/22, Enjoying life?

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Hope for Today, Monday, 5/22, Enjoying life?

This reading discusses how difficult it can be to enjoy life and have fun.  Isolating and not taking risks can feel easier, and often it comes down to fear.  The passage states:  If I do what I've always done, I'll get what I've always gotten.  Alanon encourages us to apply new behavior, trust the results, live our own life, and let others live theirs.

Thought for the day:  Anticipating enjoyment is a good way to begin my day.  If I lose my place, I'll remember I can start my day over at any time.


I really connect with the passage:  If I do what I've always done, I'll get what I've always gotten.  And I did that for years, being stiff and rigid, not knowing how to enjoy anything, and just stuck on repeat.  I still have my share of problems, but there is a huge difference--I don't wake up dreading the day.  I look forward to it.  I make sure at least one thing that brings me joy is going to take place.  My entire outlook and behavior have changed for the better.  Being involved with this program on a regular basis has produced positive change for me.  Grateful.



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Thank you so much Lyne for your Monday reading/service and ESH.

I resonant with this reading as well and must say that although everyday is not perfect at least I look forward

to each day when I wake up. I truly love working in the gardens and that is what I have been doing since the

weather has warmed up. From there my day is always on a positive level and am so grateful for Al-Anon for

showing me that I alone am responsible for my happiness.


"Forgiveness doesn't excuse bad behavior, but it

does prevent bad behavior from destroying your heart". ~ unknown


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