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Post Info TOPIC: 2/21/23 ODAT Not Generating Trouble for Myself

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2/21/23 ODAT Not Generating Trouble for Myself

'We punish ourselves far more than life ever punishes us' begins today's reading, perhaps a startling claim for some. We may see this in action, however, when we observe the fearful thoughts that can arise in our mind around the alcoholic's behavior and consider the distress we feel as a result.

Alanon teaches us how to get rid of this self torture and accept God's gift of mental sobriety. Have I accepted it, and do I hold onto it? 

Reminder: 'Mental sobriety' brings us balance, rational and reasonable thought; its absence allows the sickness of continued apprehension and anxiety about future events. 

"I will pray today and every day, for healthful, wholesome thinking, so that I may not generate trouble for myself," - unattributed
One of the earliest, and ultimately most powerful spiritual concepts I learned about in Alanon was this: that my felt pain was generated and maintained within myself, as also was the key to releasing it. 

To this day, I see this as the prime driver in my felt wellness, and the 12 steps, 1-3 in particular, as the way to regulate. 

Whenever I feel distress, it is most often, if not always, result of a temporary return to perceiving an external source for my distress. 

As long as I linger there, my distress continues. Freedom lies near my own hand in the form of my higher power and mental sobriety. I remain in distress only as long as I will sustain it.

Grateful for the powerful spiritual truths of Alanon




"...when we try to control others, we lose the ability to manage our own lives."  - Paths to Recovery 

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Thanks Paul for your service and great share. "Spiritual sobriety" is a wonderful concept, and something I also strive for probably daily. The idea that I could have control over how I feel was a long time in coming, but with practice I can do it much of the time. I spent too many years miserable. Alanon has given me freedom. Grateful member.



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Thanks Paul for the reading and your share. I continue to be grateful Al-anon suggestions can be applied to any life situation. My thinking and sanity is affected by my spiritual condition. Al-anon reminds me to utilize tools such as prayer and meditation, reaching out to trusted program friend and reading my CAL to maintain emotional balance, sanity, serenity. All great tools that have helped with keeping it real rather than catastrophizing, projecting - giving way to F.E.A.R. false evidence appearing real. Grateful Al-anon has reminded me to exercise my free will, to be honest, open and willing. Today, I choose to think critically, separate myself from drama and lift myself from feelings of victimization and affirm my present day reality. I am not my past. I am a recovering person today living one day at a time in service to a loving higher power. Life affirming thoughts become a habit when I practice them. Grateful for tools to replace old toxic thinking that does not honor my physical, emotional nor spiritual well-being.



Surround yourself with people and elements that support your destiny, not just your history.

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Thank you Paul for today's reading, your service and ESH. Thank you to Lyne and TT for their ESH as well.

I agree that "spiritual sobriety" is a fantastic concept and I too strive everyday to maintain it and because

of it I have my dignity back.


"Forgiveness doesn't excuse bad behavior, but it

does prevent bad behavior from destroying your heart". ~ unknown


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