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Post Info TOPIC: C2C for February 17, 2023 Is About Faith

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C2C for February 17, 2023 Is About Faith

This day's reading reminds us that in Al-Anon when we feel at our lowest and most afraid is the time to realize

that our faith and prayer in and to our Higher Power can bring about the relief and answers we need.  


Todays Reminder:  "I have an important part to play in my relationship with my Higher Power, I have to be

willing to receive help, and I have to ask for it."  "If I develop the habit of turning to my Higher Power for help

with small, everyday matters, I'll know what to do when faced with more difficult challenges."


Todays Quote:  "In the hour of adversity be not without hope for crystal rain falls from black clouds." ~ Persian poem


I love that line from todays quote/poem that "crystal rain falls from black clouds."  When I speak and pray to my High

Power I do get a great sense of relief from my troubles, because I know in my heart that what is troubling me, that I

cannot do anything about alone, will be dealt with in the best way possible for me and my situation.  Trust is such an

important aspect of my faith, without it there is no faith.  I am able to step back from my troubles and truly enjoy my

life and watch what unfolds without so much anxiety.  Very grateful indeed.


Do you get the same sense of relief when you rely on your Higher Power for answers?

TGIF MIP Family!!  {{HUGS}}


"Forgiveness doesn't excuse bad behavior, but it

does prevent bad behavior from destroying your heart". ~ unknown


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Thanks Debbie for for your service and share. If I find myself obsessing about something, I catch myself and turn my thoughts to my HP (God in my case). During these last few years of alanon, I speak to God throughout my day, being grateful for the good, and asking for help with the not so good. I appreciate having an HP and it helps me feel connected to something way more important than myself, therefore putting things in perspective. My life is important to me and my loved ones, but I'm just one little speck in a huge cosmos. :)



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Happy Friday Everyone. Thank you Debbie for your service/ESH and Lyne for your share. The messages were the swift kick in the rear I needed to get out of the blue-blah state I've immersed myself in this past week. Nothing is wrong but everything is wrong. This morning I prayed extra for energy to plod along. I set aside my ideas and let HP direct my path. Surprisingly, I tackled tasks I've been avoiding and solutions for problems I've been grappling with materialized. I am sort of excited to see what else HP has in store. Grateful for MIP and Al-Anon getting my priorities straight. Have a wonderful weekend. ((HUGS))

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