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Post Info TOPIC: C2C February 10, 2023 Replacing negatives with positives

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C2C February 10, 2023 Replacing negatives with positives

The C2C reading today suggests that in order to help us in Al-Anon get past all the negativity that we have been living with due to

the disease of alcoholism and its affect on our personalities, that we replace those negative feelings towards ourselves with actions

that are positive and/or creative. It is suggested that even the smallest of actions done well and to our satisfaction can help us to

get past or replace one negative feeling at a time and in letting those negative feelings go we are replacing them with positive ones

that will enable us to be proud and more satisfied with our lives.

Todays Reminder: "Today I make use of the precious gift of imagination." "Thus I will turn away from negativity, self-doubt, and

fear and celebrate life instead."

Todays Quote: "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." ~ Theodore Roosevelt

I can see the benefit to my well being when I finish a project, especially in the yard, on my self esteem. I just took a cheese lasagna out

of the oven that made the whole house smell wonderful, that made me smile! The tree across the street is filled with hundreds of chirping

starlings, I am in awe! The other day there was a conversation at the grocery store check out between a few cashiers, customers and I

about old TV reruns and different ethnic meat dishes (I am a vegetarian) that has us all in stitches, it still makes me laugh to think about it.

I do savor those thoughts because it does work when you work it!!!

What has helped you feel better and gave you a sense of accomplishment or when you think back on a special situation does it still make

you smile?

TGIF MIP Family!! {{HUGS}}


"Forgiveness doesn't excuse bad behavior, but it

does prevent bad behavior from destroying your heart". ~unknown


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Thanks Debbie for your service and great share. I feel great relief after I make annoying phone calls like to an insurance company. Last night I made my son a big pot of baked ziti. He and his wife get home late, they are tired, and have a 12 yr old. I just drop it off at their house, and I try and do this every 2-3 weeks. They were so grateful and that made me happy. And my walks outside with my dog are always a thrill--it never gets old to see and hear the sounds of nature. I have tough things in my life, but I feel blessed in many ways. Grateful.



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Good morning

When I first read the title of this reading,"replacing negatives with positives" I thought oh great,it's gonna say to simply change your negative thoughts into positive ones. That can work but the majority of the time it doesn't. So I was happy to read about changing negatives into "actions"

It made me think of one Christmas time at one of the jobs I had. There was a co-worker that was struggling so I made a gift bag with shampoo,deodorant,perfume,nail polish,earrings and lots of other items in it. When I took it into work for her I told her some random person stopped me on my way in,asked if I knew her and asked me to give it to her. She was thrilled with the gift bag and was really happy. I never told her or anyone else that it was from me. It really made my day(and my holiday) to help someone out like that and to see her smile. It made me happy too.

I needed this reminder today. My life is a definite crap show with so many different things going on but there are positive things too. I feel good about myself when I exercise daily. I love cooking for others and they seem to love it too. I love when I finish a drawing,it's satisfying. Even little things too like holding a door open for someone,talking to people in stores or even just saying hi and smiling at someone makes a difference.

Have a good day everyone


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I am coming to this thread late, but I have received so much from it!!
Thank you Debbie for your service, and all the wonderful shares about this topic.

Many times, I can have the same thinking as SunnyFrog. It can be hard for me to get the "negative Nellie" out of my brain. Just speaking affirmations doesn't always do the trick!
However, ACTIONS work! I remember someone (who does not come here anymore) told me early on, "Baby steps. Take one Day At A Time. Heck, one moment at a time if you have to! Concentrate on doing THE NEXT RIGHT THING for you - that can be getting your laundry done, making yourself your dinner, anything. Do not discount the small things." That was what worked for him during his acute phase, and you know, it worked for me too.

After a time, I was able to embrace what Betty had told me & begin writing out a daily Gratitude List. Honestly, that one was hard! But eventually I found that I was grateful for the sound of Birdsong, the feel of grass on my bare feet, & the ability to get out into Nature. Working the soil in my garden space always grounds me! That then morphed into a daily Gratitude "prayer" that I say as I drive myself to work. It reminds me that I have so much to be thankful for!

May I just say that SunnyFrog's act of Christmas kindness was one of the coolest things I have heard of!!! Kudos to you, Girl!!

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend!


"The wolf that thrives, is the one you feed." - Cherokee legend

"Hello, sun in my face. Hello you who made the morning and spread it over the fields... Watch, now, how I start the day in happiness, in kindness." Mary Oliver

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