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Post Info TOPIC: Hope for Today Jan 15

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Hope for Today Jan 15

Good morning everyone:

Todays reading is about what brings us to Al-Anon in the first place, and what we might learn about ourselves once we are here. The writer describes coming to the program because of her husbands drinking. What she had trouble understanding once there, was why she was answering yes to all the questions about having grown up with a problem drinker when her own parents were not alcoholics. Over time, she learned that her parents were raised by alcoholics, and therefore exhibited behaviors of adult children of As.  While her parents had chosen not to drink, they also did not choose recovery, and many of their behaviors and attitudes were unhealthy and passed to the next generation.  Knowing this, the writer chose to put her energy toward the slogan let it begin with me and began work to help her own family experience a better way of life.

I came to this program for (what I thought) was the problem drinking of one person, but like the writer, once I began examining my family with a new awareness, saw that we have problem drinkers and alcoholism in past generations and in present time. Some might say that those of us who have alcoholism even in the very distant past may wind up in relationships with As as some way of trying to fix that issue.  Even if we choose not to drink, or our parents did not, the insidious nature of the disease will reach across generations if untreated.  Todays Thought for the Day uses the strong and accurate comparison of living without a recovery program to a person who is a carrier of a disease:

Before Al-Anon I was a carrier of this disease. Living the Al-Anon program immunized me from its effects and helps prevent me from spreading the devastation.

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful Sunday.



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Thank you Mary for your service, today's reading and ESH. This subject is something that I am

hearing and learning about much more in daily reading and never gave it much thought as I too

did not realize that there was a grand parent who clearly had drinking issues that did not become

apparent until after their died. Even then I did not make any connection until Al-Anon. It makes

so much more sense now why my relationship with one of my parents has been so difficult. Even

so Al-Anon has helped me so much with those difficulties but explains a lot about my childhood!!

Grateful as always!!

Happy Sunday to the MIP Family today!


"Forgiveness doesn't excuse bad behavior, but it

does prevent bad behavior from destroying your heart". ~ unknown


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When I got married, my MIL told me that my (now ex)H had two generations of men behind him who were alcoholics.
Now I know that I should have run as fast as I could out the door. But hindsight is what it is.

One of the things I love about Al-anon is that it helps us to break the cycle of being a family-member of the disease. I now know that my former MIL and former grandmother-in-law were all ensnared by the disease. They lived in a time when it was more shameful to break the cycle than it was to keep it hidden.

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