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Post Info TOPIC: Hope for Today Sept 25

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Hope for Today Sept 25

Good morning everyone:

Todays reading is a focus on learning to resist the need to control,  especially the behavior of other people, in our lives. The writer describes preparing for a visit from family, which often instigates a relapse into compulsive controlling behavior on the writers part. The writer is preparing to feel the judgement of family, and typically reacts with an obsessive compulsion to make everything seem perfect.  When this happens, the writer feels distant from his/her HP and asks for help.  The image that comes to the writer is of a boat making its way through water as waves come at it. Trusting that there is a path through, with HP guiding the way, makes for a clearer and steadier route.  Although other directions may seem more appealing, letting go of the need to attempt control makes for a more peaceful journey.  The writer notes: Although I cannot do anything about the waves rolling into my life, I can hand the tiller of my life over to God and trust that I will be steered to safety.

This reading helps me remember the times in life that have felt most chaotic.  Before working an alanon program, my reaction to chaos was to try and control the behaviors of other people.  When I wasnt attempting to assert my will above others, I was judging the situations and behaviors of others.  The tangible comparison to this is when I spend a couple of hours organizing a closet in reaction to feeling out of control about something in my life.  I used to react similarly to others: when I felt out of control I figured I could work on straightening other people out! Over time and with some humility I have realized that I have plenty to work on within my own self, and like the writer, anytime I veer back to compulsive controlling behavior I feel a spiritual distance.

The Thought for the Day reminds us: Each time I doubt that my Higher Power knows the way, Ill remember how chaotic and complicated my life becomes when I try to take control.

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful Sunday.



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Thanks Mary for your service, the reading and your share. This is a wonderful Step 3 reading. It reminds me that my trust in a loving higher power with time and experience evolves to trust in myself. I needn't do anything alone. When I give up control, surrender my will, ask to be guided; I feel greater serenity in the moment, less apprehensive about others motives. Progress has come from inviting a higher power that loves unconditionally into everything that I do. Trust that I'm being taken care of by that hp has released me from obsession with the perception of others or over involvement in their lives. Guided by and acting on my higher power's will not self will, I cope better in stressful situations when I just stop and take a breath. This helps me to better separate feelings from facts. My hp doesn't seek perfection in me. Why then would I go into stinking thinking mode about what others think of me? I'm grateful for recovery tools that work in any life situation and a loving hp that is just a prayer away.


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