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Post Info TOPIC: C2C August 11th

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C2C August 11th

Today's C2C talks of the power of attending al-anon meetings, especially when we are in a funk and don't want to go. The reading suggests those are the times a meeting can benefit us most, and when we are most likely to hear exactly what we needed to hear.

I can't tell you how often al-anon, in one way or another, manages to present me with exactly what I needed to hear, or the right next step for me. 
The reading also mentions that depression can become a habit, but I am glad to see it acknowledges that persistent depression may require treatment. It's true that avoiding human interaction can be self-perpetuating, but it's no good beating ourselves up if we just can't overcome it! I guess on both counts it's all there in the serenity prayer. But even when we can't attend a meeting, interactions like these online, or reading the dailies can be so helpful.

As the reading suggests, sometimes our HP speaks through other people and by reaching out for help we "make ourselves available to our HP" which is a lovely way to look at it, I think.


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Thanks YKM for your service and share. I often hear members say, "I wasn't going to come to the meeting tonight," and then how glad they were that they did. My weekly attendance to my home group seems like something I don't even have to think about. I just do it. Some time ago after putting my dog down, I didn't speak that night, but I still showed up. It's somehow ingrained in my head and heart that attending that meeting is something that's good for me.



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Thank you so much YKM for your service, today's reading and yours and Lyne's ESH.

I so agree that HP avails such wonder when I participate in Al-Anon group discussions and read literature.

You are so right Mel, when we "make ourselves available to our HP" it is a lovely way to look at how we

receive what we need hear. {{Lyne}}, glad you had support when you lost your dog, I know how hard it is

to lose a pet/friend, they are always in our hearts.


"Forgiveness doesn't excuse bad behavior, but it

does prevent bad behavior from destroying your heart". ~ unknown


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