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Post Info TOPIC: Spirituality C2C July 29, 2022

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Spirituality C2C July 29, 2022

The author of todays reading writes about the spiritual aspect of Al-Anon (Step Two) and how the whole program is based on the ability of the

members to experience, the wonder of knowing that there is a "Power greater than ourselves, that which we can rely".

The author is very clear, that there is "no particular religion or religious belief required," but that without knowing/believing that there is a "Power"

greater than oneself, that the Al-Anon program "would not make much sense".

I especially like the analogy of a "Higher Power" that might be "likened to the electricity that operates the lights and machinery of our recovery".

"Its not necessary to understand what electricity actually is to enjoy its use, all we need to do is turn on the switch!"

Todays Reminder:

"I may be seeking a more loving God, in whom I can place my trust, or facing a challenge that puts my long established beliefs to a test, or struggling

with the very idea of a High Power." "Whatever I believe, I can pray for greater faith today." "Just that little act of willingness can work miracles."

Todays Quote:

"When I have at last realized that my problems are too big to solve by myself I need not be alone with them if I am willing to accept help from a

Higher Power." ~ Al-Anons Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions

I never had any issues with believing/relying on my HP, but can see how if one is struggling with Step Two how that could slow or hamper their recovery.

"Let Go and Let God" is definitely an integral part of my daily life and am so grateful to the program of Al-Anon and to the bonds/connections to the

membership. I have noticed that there is so much more peace and less resentment.

By letting go I have set myself free from an awful lot of anxiety so that the rest of the program guidance can work towards a better life for me!!!

How does todays topic speak to you concerning your relationship with your HP?


"Forgiveness doesn't excuse bad behavior, but it

does prevent bad behavior from destroying your heart". ~unknown


~*Service Worker*~

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Thanks Debbie for your service and great share. I came to alanon with a HP already in place. I feel lucky about that, because I see many people struggling with the concept all the time. Sometimes I ask myself what I would do if I did not already have a God of my understanding. I would put alanon in the category of my HP, for it helps me have a better life as I practice all the tools it offers. Alanon is a force greater than myself, and it has changed my life. I think I will give it #2 HP on my list.



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