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Post Info TOPIC: Hope for today July 10

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Hope for today July 10

Good morning everyone-

Todays reading is about learning to be open in our involvement with other people, and learning to detach from the behaviors of others in order to give acceptance, respect and consideration.  The writer describes how because of how invested in alanon he/she is, participating freely and serving through setup, cleanup and chairing meetings all comes naturally. The writer feels comfortable in meetings because there is an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect, but realizes that when there have been situations lacking in this type of climate the writer would withdraw.  Through recovery he/she saw there were sometimes limitations in restricting involvement with others in this way.   The writer worked at what I consider one of the most difficult concepts: detachment. He/she worked at giving acceptance and consideration to others while detaching from their behavior and simply considering the person.  The writer focused on Live and Let Live, no longer expecting perfection from others or him/herself.

There is one sentence that stands out on this page so profoundly to me: I endeavor to accept that people are human and have human frailties and limitations, as do I.   The thought that came to me was how this levels the playing field for all of us humans.  My version of this sentence is: we are all out here just doing the best we can. Its also a reminder that before I can have any emotional entanglement with other people and their behavior, I need to reflect about my own. Several years ago I was struggling with the behavior of one of the qualifiers in my life and my sponsor reminded me that I was not in charge of the path for this person, and letting go of that would be far healthier for the qualifier and for me.

A reminder about remaining open to other people from the Thought for the Day: A sense of belonging is as necessary to my spiritual health as air is to my lungs.

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful Sunday:)




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Thanks Mary for your service and share. The reading mentions Al-anon's slogan Live and Let Live which is a great reminder to not be tempted to change others. If my focus is what's within my own hula hoop, I'm far better off. Finding the humility to exhibit kindness, compassion, understanding and love to others without expectation only helps me to keep progressing in my own recovery, to keep my own side of the street tidy. To put forth healthier behaviors than in the past is always my goal and to continue to seek the guidance of a loving higher power concerning outcomes.









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Surround yourself with people and elements that support your destiny, not just your history.

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Thank you so much Mary for your service this day and to you and TT for your ESH.

I agree that staying on my side of the street, accepting that we are all human, therefore reserving judgement and

especially belonging to Al-Anon/MIP are such an important and integral parts of my life toward the improvement



"Forgiveness doesn't excuse bad behavior, but it

does prevent bad behavior from destroying your heart". ~ unknown


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