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Post Info TOPIC: Hope for Today July 3

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Hope for Today July 3

Good morning everyone-

Todays reading is about the importance of meetings and the impact they have on our recovery.  The writer describes finding a meeting early on where members focused on problems rather than seek solutions.  After some time, the writer realized that dwelling on the problems each week did not included forward movement into recovery, and were not helpful.  After finding meetings with a different focus- on the steps, traditions, with alanon literature, the writer saw the difference and began recovery from the effects of growing up in an alcoholic home.   The meetings, along with service work and seeking help from a sponsor helped the writer begin to take responsibility for his/her choices.   The writer began to see that what he/she was able to contribute in meetings made a difference in what was received as well.

I have been to many types of meetings- in big cities with many people of all ages and backgrounds, small towns with extremely small attendance where clearly most people knew one another, those that had a clear direction and were run smoothly, and those that meandered and were a bit frustrating to be part of.  Finding a place that was a good fit was an integral step forward for me. That said, regardless of the setting or climate of the meeting, I have always gleaned some new insight or perspective from every one I have ever attended.  I have gone through times when I could only listen at meetings, to several when I wanted to share, but I always left with something new to consider. 

The thought for the day reminds us: what I get from and give to my meetings can change how I live my life today.

I hope everyone has a peaceful Sunday:)



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Good morning Mary and to the MIP Family!!

Thank you Mary for your service, today's reading and your ESH.

I can clearly see, for myself, that when I participate, especially when I write here on MIP my concerns/difficulties and

help a member with their issues, that I clearly bring my trials to the surface to directly address them. I can see what

I am doing that is holding me back and learn that with the help of Al-Anon/MIP and membership how giving and receiving

helps me progress!!! {{HUGS}}


"Forgiveness doesn't excuse bad behavior, but it

does prevent bad behavior from destroying your heart". ~ unknown


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Thanks Mary for your service and share. Meetings are just one of many tools that are available to me for working the Al-anon program. Like you, I have been to many meeting that differed in size and format. 

I'm grateful for heightened awareness, tolerance and compassion for those who vent at meetings. Both newcomers and old timers alike may at times feel they need to share, to get something off their chest. I've realized particularly with old timers that doing so at an Al-anon meeting is an affirmation that Al-anon is a safe environment to share what's in one's heart without fear of judgment, gossip or shoulding upon the sharer. Even after many years in recovery, there are occasions when I may vent at a meeting and feel I'm without an Al-anon tool, solution or wisdom to offer on a meeting topic.

I'm grateful that all things Al-anon are merely suggested and that showing up is about my own individualized recovery not towing the line by working the Al-anon program in a prescribed manner within Al-anon meetings. I can be myself rather than needing to earn the acceptance of others in the program according to how well I work it. Unconditional love and a sense of belonging are mine within the rooms.

I do see value in Al-anon recovery based meetings, Al-anon related topics and some sort of format to weekly meetings. But, I see little to no value in rigidity, inflexible rule making. This reading is about Al-anon recovery based solutions. My solution to cohesiveness in my Al-anon meeting place is to try to be an example of a welcoming environment, work toward harmony and unity to the extend of my Al-anon personal progress and higher power permits. I know that nothing would have repelled me more when new to the program than to be assigned a bunch of "have to's" such as a "correct" way to share the Al-anon program. It took me a long time to understand the program, its meaning, the slogans and much longer to grasp the Al-anon Traditions. I would not have wanted the pressure of a personal progress schedule imposed upon me as a person new to Al-anon. I would not have appreciated feeling that I needed to meet certain Al-anon program expectations from my week to week attendance at my new Al-anon group. I was already feeling controlled at home by the disease of alcoholism. I likely would have left and not come back to Al-anon and missed all the great things the Al-anon program has to offer.

Because I was welcomed and permitted to learn and progress at my own pace, my knowledge and understanding of the program and how it works resulted in personalized Al-anon recovery rather than just parroting slogans at meetings with little to no idea of how to apply them nor their true meaning as they applied to my life. I'm grateful for the sense of belonging, warm welcome and acceptance that is mine every time I enter an Al-anon meeting place.


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