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Post Info TOPIC: c2c June 23rd

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c2c June 23rd

Today's C2c is about having the courage to be honest with ourselves; about our circumstances, our lack of control over them, and about our shortcomings. 

I think what strikes me most about this is the extraordinary amount of effort I used to put (and, lets face it, still do if I am not vigilant) into keeping myself in the dark. A certain A I used to know used to say life was best if you "always kept the edges fuzzy" and I used to do exactly that- with myself and everyone else, so that I didn't have to confront uncomfortable truths, make unpleasant decisions or take difficult actions. 
Today, I know that being honest with myself is essential to experiencing any kind of growth, purpose and, basically, sense of purpose. When your only purpose is to avoid thinking about how bad things are- you're really in a dark place.

I'm grateful to read this simple daily today and be reminded of how much better things are for me today, and how much better than can yet become if i continue to practice honesty with myself and my HP.


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Thank you so much for your service, reading and ESH YKM!!!

I do see how the alcoholic in my life thrives on those fuzzy edges, it enables him to continue to live

a life that is filled with what ever truth gives him permission to drink!!

I can see that my happiness depends on me being honest with myself and accepting the path he

has chosen without interfering. Interfering only creates that all to familiar chaos and therefore

the lose of peace.


"Forgiveness doesn't excuse bad behavior, but it

does prevent bad behavior from destroying your heart". ~ unknown


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Thanks YKM for your service and for all above ESH. Living in denial was something I couldn't see (or face). On some level it was an attempt to protect me, but as we all know too well, it not only didn't work, but it made everything worse. This program has helped me break through denial to reality, and although it was very painful, it's the only way I could begin healing. I see that denial alive and well with my A, but I don't have to live that way, and now I don't. Ever so grateful.....



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