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Post Info TOPIC: Hope for Today, Monday, 4/25, moving forward

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Hope for Today, Monday, 4/25, moving forward

The writer discusses that introspection and meditation are healing tools, but combined with courageous action, we are led to improved recovery.  It is important to observe our actions, character, motives, and reactions.  Our awareness allows us to see patterns that hold us back from becoming the person we want to be.  True recovery happens when we step out on faith and carry out a new behavior.  Then we have grown.

Thought for the day:  Outward action must follow inner work for recovery to truly take root in my life.


I was able to practice this tonight.  My A and I started down a dangerous path to a circular discussion with no resolution.  We've done it many times before.  I separated myself to a different room.  I thought about what was I feeling, what is important, that I needed to let it go, and I did.  What a relief.  It was as though I was starting dinner time over.  In the future I hope to avoid the circular discussion.  I need to pause and think and be silent.  That would be a better use of my energy.  Progress comes in small steps but perfection is no longer my goal. 



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Thank you Lyne for your service for doing today's reading and giving your ESH.

I have discovered that my thoughts, very much count just as much as words. When I pay close attention

to not only what I am saying but what I am thinking there is an even bigger relief!!


"Forgiveness doesn't excuse bad behavior, but it

does prevent bad behavior from destroying your heart". ~ unknown



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Thank you for your service Lyne and I'm grateful for your and DM2021's shares.

I parked at the words "courageous action" ... WOW! For me this is a good reminder to NOT pour gasoline on the fire but to pause and seek a more productive course of action that includes being in touch with myself beyond the triggering emotion.

Lately, I have had courage to speak my mind. I'm so proud of myself for having done this. While, in those moments I let go of outcomes, I now realize I harbor expectations because it seems that nothing has changed and I'm disappointed and frustrated.

I feel exhausted and it comes from being in my own way. I have done my part and now it's time to rest before the next step, what ever that next step shall be will be revealed in time.

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