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Post Info TOPIC: C2C, Monday, 4/4, changing up the routine

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C2C, Monday, 4/4, changing up the routine

The writer shares about waking up each morning feeling frantic, having a long list of crises that needed attention, always feeling behind, and sometimes not wanting to get up at all. Such was life living with an alcoholic, prior to program.

But with alanon, life can change.  They heard that when you open your eyes in the morning, open your ears.  Listen for birds, don't review plans until after breakfast, and appreciate the moment you are in.  You can learn to look for nature and beauty, clear your mind, and smile and laugh.  You can try saying, Good morning God instead of Good God, it's morning.


I relate to this reading because for years I awoke feeling anxious, before I even got out of bed. I went over the checklist of problems and worries for the day and week.  A sense of dread followed me around.  I enjoyed very little, until I had several years into alanon.  My sponsor taught me to be grateful, to take ODAT, to see assets in myself and others, and my whole attitude changed.  By working my program, things are very different.  And when a family member had a life threatening crisis, my coping skills took a nose dive, but I have rebounded very well.  Progress, not perfection.



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Thanks Lyne. I wake up every morning, make a coffee and get straight onto the computer before I have even finished yawning. What a terrible habit.
This is a great reminder that it's time to change some of these habits. They may have gotten through some crisis years keeping me focused on tasks constantly, but they really need an update now.
Progress, not perfection; it's not technically first thing in the morning, but we can start our day any time we like so I'll do it now. Ha!


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Thank you Lyne for your service, today's reading and to you and Mel for both your ESH.

I too feel overwhelmed sometimes still, even after several years in Al-Anon, but the truth of the matter is

that the program and daily readings help me to quickly correct myself. Love Love Love the quote "Good

morning God instead of Good God, it's morning".


"Forgiveness doesn't excuse bad behavior, but it

does prevent bad behavior from destroying your heart". ~ unknown


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Good evening

While I was taking my morning shower today I could hear the notifications on my phone... ding. ding. ding. I started to feel a bit frustrated over it, wondering who it was, what they wanted and thinking that I just wanted to take my shower in peace.

Normally I would actually jump out of the shower just to see who/what it is and then hop back in. I didn't do that today, I decided to ignore the dings and stay in the shower.

The most simple changes like that can make such a huge difference in setting the tone for the whole day. The same goes for choosing to not watch the news first thing in the morning and listening to soothing music instead.

I just want to start my days feeling peaceful. Much of that is up to me I'm realizing.

Have a good night everyone



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Sometimes I get overwhelmed with my to-do list to!  It helps me to make that list out the night before and calendar everything.  Then I don't spend the night dreaming about it.  Giving myself enough time in the morning to pray, be grateful, do a few calming exercises gets me off on the right foot.




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