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Post Info TOPIC: Hope for Today Apr 3

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Hope for Today Apr 3

Good morning everyone:

Todays reading is about how there are times we may use busyness (obsessive activity) as a way to self medicate and isolate, in the same way that alcoholics use the buzz of alcohol. The writer describes not necessarily being a workaholic, but at times a learn-aholic and achieve-aholic.  With this frenetic buzz, there is no focus on relationship with HP, others or self. The writer was reminded through an Al-anon friend that who I am, not what I do, makes me worthwhile. The writer realized that keeping the quiet, inward, thoughtful parts of self on track helped to make the active parts of life more a reflection of a healthier self rather than running from that self.

I remember having a realization that I must be getting healthier when I did not feel the need to make a list of all the chores/activities/work/practice I should do when my kids were out of the house. Even though I consider myself an introvert and dont mind being alone at all, when I first came here I definitely did not want to spend any idle time with my anxious mind. I am still a list maker- it does help to calm me, but I am working on being able to be still at times as well.  There is a lovely sentence at the end of todays reading that describes this: Today I can quiet myself to listen for Gods whispers and hear my hearts own spontaneous response.

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful Sunday:)



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Thank you Mary for your service, reading and ESH today!!

To supplement that busyness I listen to music, just love daily solitaire and exercise/meditate. There is so many things to do

but just love a tidy yard/house and so enjoy my cat. Yesterday I found that my cat, the night before was trying to get into the

basement drop ceiling from a ground level window along a spiral staircase. It is a bit of a stretch but he managed to pull the

paper off the corner clawing at it. The house he came from, he used to do get into that basement ceiling because they had it

partially down and there was lots of stuffed piled up to boost up on. Husband went down to the hardware store and got a

piece of plexiglass to cover the tile with so he can't claw through it. Our house is very old and the ceiling opens to a crawl

space beyond the basement wall. If he ever got into that ceiling we would literally need to demo the basement to get him

out!!! Always some kind of challenge on a daily basis that creates a diversion.


"Forgiveness doesn't excuse bad behavior, but it

does prevent bad behavior from destroying your heart". ~ unknown


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Thank you both. I am just recently starting to realise how much I have used study and work to avoid dealing with myself. It troubles me that I find being still and not constantly problem-solving in my mind so difficult. I know I can manage it if I take myself somewhere beautiful, like a beach or into the hills but I feel as though this is something I need to be able to do without going to a special venue!
I have a pretty easy week this week with lots of spare time so I will try to make daily time to just be.
I watched a great talk on developing listening skills recently that intrigued me; it talked about starting by listening to ambient noise. Spending time just focusing on what I can hear as I sit or go for a walk feels like it might be a good start. I'll schedule time to do that for tomorrow, haha.

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