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Post Info TOPIC: Hope For today Maardh 29th.

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Hope For today Maardh 29th.

with the Hope For Today's reading the person shared about the Struggle of Letting Go, especially when the Alcoholic in their life had left the Home. Of how they let go of their Al-Anon program, also of their mental, physical and spiritual health. Also that the part that still held onto resentment, towards the Alcoholic, gave way to guilt because they were enjoying the fact that the Alcoholic had gone from their home, that they could also feel free of the Disease. Because of all of this they became very depressed, and started to isolate. Things became much worse, but they decided to find Al-Anon again. Started to release that they didn't suffer only from the Alcoholics disease, but theirs as well.   

But using the other part of the Slogan 'Let God"helps them find the balance with the first part of the Slogan. But for the first part to work, "letting go" they have to have God in their life by attending meetings, and doing the work. Their Higher Power helps them when they help themselves".

" The thought for Today is"
If I am going to Let it Go, then I need to give it to a Power greater than myself".


For myself, I can relate to that reading, of struggling with Letting Go and Letting God. I can relate to the person when they shared of how they felt when the Alcoholic had left their Home as that was how I felt when finally, after many many years of violence, chaos, and everything that goes with an Alcoholic Marriage, I finally had the courage to make my Alcoholic Husband leave. This was pre-Al-Anon for me, but I couldn't understand why I wasn't happy, I thought after all of those horrible years, that I could just shut the door on all of it and put it all behind me. Then to just get on with my life helping to put myself and my 3 Children back together, and have a better life. 

However, like this person, my life got much worse, and finally my God made me find Al-Anon. It was then that I started to find the solutions to the many answers to the questions  that I had. I already knew that drinking was the problem, and that I didn't grow up in a "Normal" family. It felt like my life was like a big jig saw puzzle, but by attending many meetings, learning about the Disease, and the effects. I learnt that I had always been affected by it, as my Grand Father was the active person in my Family. I didn't even know him as I was only 4years old when he past away. That explained to me why my Mother acted like she did, why my ex Husband acted like he did, and also, especially, I started to learn about how I had been affected, I started to learn about me. I can honestly say that I don't blame the Disease for all the issues, that people are still responsible for their actions. 

Being the so responsible person I became, trying to keep every thing together for so many, I had to Learn to Let Go, and Trust  a God that I couldn't see, only feel. That is a continuing journey for me, the way it helps me is to change the wording of Letting Go, to Releasing, I find I can do that works. So I am still working on my life's Jug Saw Puzzle, finding out more pieces to put in it, but I owe my thanks to My God for making me find Al-Anon, and for myself for having the Courage and the want to stay and learn.

Love WendyP.


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Thank you WendyP for your service, today's reading and ESH.

Once I learned to hand my issues to my HP, who is the only entity that has control,

I could immediately release my anxieties and need to control a situation that was

outside of my realm. Thank you Al-Anon for teaching me to "Let Go and Let God".


"Forgiveness doesn't excuse bad behavior, but it

does prevent bad behavior from destroying your heart". ~ unknown


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Thank you Wendy for your service and great ESH. It took me a number of years to improve my ability to Let go and let God, especially towards an older brother, ex husband, and current A. I had a God of my understanding prior to program, but it took my attention to alanon for me to move forward--getting away from the past, to stop worrying about the future, and live in the present day. It's not that I can do it 100% of the time, but the letting go and turning it over comes more quickly and easier than it used to. I'm grateful for everything I learn here, including Bless them, change me, and Progress not perfection.



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