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Post Info TOPIC: C2C, Monday, 1/10, worry and fear

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C2C, Monday, 1/10, worry and fear

The writer describes what happens when we focus on worry and fear:  we see terrifying pictures, hear paranoid voices, and have self-criticism.  The more attention we give this static,we lose our foothold in reality, and nothing useful gets accomplished.

We can break this cycle of worry and fear by putting our attention on the present moment, letting go of destructive thoughts, and concentrate on the sights and sounds around us.  By looking at the here and now, we can be rescued from the what ifsand should haves.. We get anchored in the present by shutting out the noise.  We can then be receptive to our Higher Powers will, and be better able to get through difficult times.


OMG I spent years with tons of destructive noise & useless chatter in my head which = verbal abuse to myself.  I was miserable and did not know how to stop it.  Over the years I did improve somewhat, but nothing has helped me as much as the tools Ive learned in alanon.  Grabbing onto a step or slogan save me over and over again.  Merely letting go and letting God, keep it simple, asking how important is it?  Pause and pray, think, steps 1-3, progress not perfectionthis program is a goldmine!





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Thank you so much Lyne for your service to MIP, today's reading and your ESH shared!!

I love these two phrases:

Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy. and

Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow.

Also, knowing my HP has my back in times of trouble eases my mind. There,

for me, is always a reason for why stuff happens!!! smile 

{{HUGS}} to the MIP Family!


"Forgiveness doesn't excuse bad behavior, but it

does prevent bad behavior from destroying your heart". ~ unknown


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Thank you Lyne for your service and the daily. Happy Monday MIP. Prior to recovery, my mind and my being were stuck either in the past or in the future. I truly had never considered or even tried to be present, setting aside all that had been or all that will be - instead cherishing the here/now.

When I got to recovery and this type of practice was suggested, I truly thought it was insanely simplistic and certainly not 'for me'. My ego and pride were so resistant that I needed to change I truly looked for what was wrong in all aspects of life, living, persons, etc. Again, stuck in an unhealthy habit of feeling less than or better than combined with an unwillingness/inability to be present truly robbed me of all that life and joy have to offer.

I have to consciously bring myself back to the here/now - the present. Each day, I start and end somewhat the same way - wanting to be joyful, within and of service, with gratitude for this day only. I make every effort to set aside the past and the future as neither truly has an impact on me, right now.

I've said it before - always worth repeating - my favorite aunt who's passed away used to simply say, "If you are worrying, you are not praying." It made no sense to me for most of my life and then clicked in recovery and I find this very true....if my mind is full of fear/worry, I've set aside the will of HP and have returned to my will/wants. If I can instead pray, I can set aside that worry and fear which are pointless and unhealthy.

Enjoy the day all - golfing all week after today - we're forecasted to have mild weather again (Yay)!!


Practice the PAUSE...Pause before judging.  Pause before assuming.  Pause before accusing.  Pause whenever you are about to react harshly and you will avoid doing and saying things you will later regret.  ~~~~  Lori Deschene



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Thanks Lyne and all for your shares. So very grateful for the Alanon program and it's tools for living a more serene and sane existence these days. I still have fears. I still worry but today I realize I have a choice as to whether I will use the many good Alanon tools you mentioned Lyne or catastrophize about awful things that may never happen. I keep thinking a line from an old movie, "Don't pay any attention to the man behind the curtain." Our Alanon acronym for fear is false evidence appearing real. I always do best by keeping with healthy daily rituals of physical, emotional and spiritual practices. These are lessons given to me in recovery. I'm less fearful, less prone to obsessive worry if I practice self care. There are many things in life over which we don't have control. How well I personally attend to myself is something over which I do have control. My self worth is wrapped up in how well I care for myself and the actions toward that end is an gratitude offering to my higher power. My Alanon program has shown me that nothing in this world is more powerful than that connection. It quiets my fears and worries. With the program, it's members and a hp, there's always support, help, hope for a positive rather than negative outcome to whatever I find concerning. TT


Surround yourself with people and elements that support your destiny, not just your history.

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