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Earthrocker has taken control of the MIP chatroom for alanon group.   He even bestowed upon himself moderator control unless someone from MIP gave it to him??  He banned a very long time member of MIP Tahoe.   Tahoe used to be moderator in there for along time.   A while back his moderator status was removed from him without discussion or warning.  Just poof.  Gone.   Who is in charge of MIP if anyone anymore?  It really isnt board vs chatroom as in the previous topic title.   MIP is all the groups on here boards and chatrooms. 

 I also im wondering if this Earthrocker is the person you had problems with in the board room here,  DAVID,  that was banned from here.    DAVID was in the chatroom just prior to this happening.   It was brought up by someone to him being banned in here but wouldnt tell that person why.   So i have reason to believe it could be the same person  DAVID seeking his revenge possibly.  From what i read posts in here there was a concern he could show up again with a different screen name.   

Anyone's thoughts on this would be appreciated as well as WHO specifically this should be addressed with if anyone is in charge on the MIP anymore.  If there is an email addie for this person also would be easier to contact maybe?



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As suggested in an earlier post, there is no approved/formal/elected/selected moderator for the chat area. I just signed in/on, and it appears vastly different than it used to look. There is now a welcome that is very generic whereas it used to be specific/tailored to Al-Anon.

There is no doubt this user, earthrocker, has assumed control. The best idea I have is an emergency discussion in our business area as to the best next steps. There is no one person 'in charge' so that seems to be a possible idea. I do believe that if persons are being 'run-off' it's a problem and it bothers me that we would refer new potential members to an unsafe chat/meeting room.

I again suggest reaching out to the board admins who may have access to different/more tools than we (general users/moderator) have.


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It does appear that the chatroom is directly related to a free chat venue and not to the MIP forum.


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