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Post Info TOPIC: Nov. 4, ODAT - Discontent

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Nov. 4, ODAT - Discontent

The main reason for our unhappiness may be our dissatisfaction with what we have, how we live, and the way we perceive others' actions. We should seek contentment from within.

If this self-searching reveals only that we don't yet have what we feel we deserve, we should look for ways to acknowledge and appreciate who we are and what we do have.

TODAY'S REMINDER: "I can find serenity only by rooting out discontent."

"It really adds up to this: that we're not satisfied with ourselves, and we can certainly do something about that."

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Yesterday, at work, someone called who I knew from the past. She was someone I was very envious of . . . tall, beautiful, highly educated, talented. And now she is also a little bit famous and rich! Blah. My reaction was to become highly charged with envy and incredibly down on myself. My role in the exchange with her was one of service, and that made me feel worse!

I was surprised by my physical and emotional reaction. I felt VERY dissatisfied with myself. Funny, when only moments before, I would have said I was happy enough to be me.

Rather than to go inside, I tried to see both of us from my HPs context . . . from high, high up, looking down at humanity: all these people, just living lives, making decisions, working, playing, praying. I am one of billions. The only way I can make my life important is to serve/help others and to be grateful for what my HP has given me -- what a relief! Serenity.



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Thank you Bbrave for your service. What a lovely reading and share.

I have been more in tune and have been, immediately at the time I experience any dissatisfaction, handing

my discomfort/discontent to my HP and you are absolutely correct .... "what a relief! Serenity". {{HUGS}}


"Forgiveness doesn't excuse bad behavior, but it

does prevent bad behavior from destroying your heart". ~ unknown


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Bbrave, thanks for your service and for all above ESH. One of the gems my first sponsor taught me was: To compare is to despair. Betty was very wise indeed. I only need to compare myself to me--am I accomplishing the goals I strive for? If not, what can I do differently? If so, kudos to me!



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Awesome post Bbrave...been there and done that until I just stopped!! as my sponsor pressed on me.  He no longer complained about my complaining and we both STOPPED!! !!...LOL.  Thanks for the share.  biggrinwinksmile


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