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Post Info TOPIC: ... this is just a little share...

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... this is just a little share...


aww I am over on the coast painting. One of my two ewes had a lamb this week. smile 

    In my years in Alanon I have learned the power of other people. For quite some

    time ~the people in the programme~ was my higher power. This is still a part of

    what my higher power is today.

    I am painting a roof... ...I got out working on the farm at a young age, and am

   reasonably good at some things- and hopeless with others.

   So I had paint for the roof and selected the colour. Well it turned out to be a very garish blue.

  Our tenant there was a roofer in Australia for years- so I began to lean on him for advice.

  And when I went to the hardware factory I got more advice form them too.

when I was a kid there was not one lick of paint that went onto that house. Not a blade of grass.

Previous owners had half an acre of grounds- with all sorts of things planted. There was even

a fountain. But nothing was ever weeded or tended.

So anyway I used my I-phone and he helped me select the colour. I had to get 10 litres.

But there is a heck of a lot of roof up there- and shall be able to use it all up.

Looking at the colour scheme in the neighbourhood- my roof would have really stood out!

Learning to communicate has been a blessing for me- and also asking for help.

A lot of people in Alanon- our cries for help were not heeded for lengthy periods. I found out

from my elders that their cries of help to a kid were very hurtful. Especially when the kid was

not actually in a position to help much. And that was the reason why could could not actually articulate

my needs. Because I was really frightened of screwing other people up!

[I was going to edit the above. But Nah... these are my thoughts in process. At times, dealing

with alcoholics and addicts of various sorts- they do see angry and controlling- but mixed in with

this they are also like angry needy kids]

Alanon is a place where we can be ourselves.

We all have this deep understanding of what it is like.

At least I think so.

Thanks. aww


Each Alanon member is my teacher.                                                                                                                  

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David, glad you were able to get help with the roof color scheme situation settled!

I do see AH as a child screaming for help. I think that is why I am able to detach

with love. I can see beyond the hurtful things he says and does to me and am

able to understand to the extent that I no longer take it personally. As of late,

I actually feel sorry for him, it almost looks like he is at his wits end.

Thanks for starting this thread and be careful up on that roof!!


"Forgiveness doesn't excuse bad behavior, but does prevent bad behavior from destroying your heart" ~ Unknown


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Here where I live, we don't paint our rooftops, so your share was interesting. Glad you reached out and found a color that would fit in nicely with the neighborhood. And you now have a little lamb!
Stay safe on that rooftop, David!



"The wolf that thrives, is the one you feed." - Cherokee legend

"Hello, sun in my face. Hello you who made the morning and spread it over the fields... Watch, now, how I start the day in happiness, in kindness."  ~ Mary Oliver



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  awwThanks P. and Debbs... smile ...

If I drop dead 'god forbid!' We need a property that looks saleable. It is my pride and joy- a project. a km from the sea- but with commanding views. And a railway line as a neighbour. My hacienda which I call the BBQ ranch.

In my 20's I worked on that line- standing out there in a large gang in bib overalls with crowbars. Pulling track.

But I am a lot older now. We cannot afford scaffolding. So I am learning quick about safety equipment- more like climbing gear.

Now I have more information I plan to work into the evening when it is not so hot. Have some rest and relax during the heat of the day. The paint will dry better.

Friday I have three hours home- than a weekend at the rowing regatta 90 mins north of home. Hoping to get to a midday meeting in the city on the way through. The heat of the day... ...but JADE. I don't have to justify that. Going along- for myself. biggrin ...

Sometimes i think of myself in a disney movie sprinkling stardust. I really do.

Feet on the ground- boots on the ground. biggrin ...


Each Alanon member is my teacher.                                                                                                                  

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I so enjoy reading your descriptive shares. I always imagine what I read in my mind .You have many stories in you, if you have ever written a book please send me the info so I can read it. If you haven't written one, I will eagerly read one if you do.


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I am certainly aware of the alcoholics pain. However unless they make a commitment to recovery they are destined to remain in that pain.  

My.focus is my own recovery. Iam glad other people are along for the ride. 

Al anon has helped people like myself for a long time. The program has adapted under stress and greatly changed circumstances

I am not in a place where I can plan for what others need in the future. I know whst I need and if I get that then maybe I can move onto other tasks. 

My own recovery is my primary goal right now. no longer uoset if other oeople do not tahe care of themselves. I am not in a place of constant preoccupation.with others 

My own recovery is richly.rewarding to me. I am thrillerny my recent progress 




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