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Post Info TOPIC: My boxing day treat...

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My boxing day treat...


aww Hi y'all... ka haere mai ki te huri tau... -as we head towards the turning of the year-... aww ...

A lot of people, at the moment are reading or watching "Hillbilly Elegy" which is a real testament to the addictive alcoholic family.

We watched it last night together.... I have had sharing this morning with various people about this movie- and book, which is a valuable testimony.

This morning, being a reflective time- I turned to an older writer- whom I respect heaps. Frank...

   ...if he is an Alanon member he is being rightly very anonymous. I am kinda hoping he has been.

Ich bin ein New Yorker. biggrin...

I have been across the Brooklyn Bridge a couple of times... ...have attended an open AA meeting a block away from Times Square. A doozy. 

Bin to Alanon down in Lower Manhattan. A Double doozy.

Getting down there and through those subway tunnels I feel a lot like Alice in Wonderland! aww ...

But here is Frank, himself:



Each Alanon member is my teacher.                                                                                                                  

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Thanks for sharing this YouTube video, just loved listening to this interview!

The thing that struck me, besides the fact that the author had to deal with alcoholism, was the book, Angela's Ashes, storyline

is about poverty as well. It doesn't matter when, where or who.... it could have been a story about anyone, because

poverty and alcoholism have no nationality, age or country limitations, as sad as that sounds!!

I believe that I read Angela's Ashes many years ago.

My experience with poverty is quite extensive, but I had very little experience with alcoholism until I was into this current

relationship/marriage for about 13 years. Then I landed on the doorstep of MIP/Al-Anon in a pretty broken state. I readily

absorbed the program because I needed to heal/understand and did chronicle my journey, but that was just for me and a

way to heal.

We are ebbing past Christmas and on the door step of a New Year, should be interesting!!


"Forgiveness doesn't excuse bad behavior, but does prevent bad behavior from destroying your heart" ~ Unknown


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David, thank you for bringing that amazing interview to the board.

Sometimes I wonder which is worse, Catholic or Jewish guilt...they are both intense for the receivers....

I too, struggle with the idea about alcohol being a disease. Yes, I know it is, but there are excellent, inexpensive, and a plethora of options, to find help and recovery. So in the case of many, my A being one of them, who choose no help, getting to forgiveness, acceptance, detachment, etc., has taken a long time in coming and requires daily practice. I guess a book should be written about why addicts choose not to get help....



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Dear David 


Thank you so much for your Boximg say thiughts 

Your comments about AA in Manhatten made me think.if Betty 

Betty so loved New York. I know ine of the reasons she loved it wsd vecause of the range if neetings she wen to. Bettykoved to go to meetings 


I know none thought we would be in a place where meetings were frozen.   


What an extraordinary year it has heen fir all of us. 

What a catastroohe.   That is an all round catastroohe.  So many peoope are leaving citues all over the world. Rural life the one you have seens to be trend. 


I.miss Betty dearly.  I miss her wisdim, cakmness and devotion to the program. Most of all I miss her delight in everything life brought her. I am so bjessed to have known her 




~*Service Worker*~

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  aww F. McCourt was a teacher in NYC. I watched a clip about his educational experiences.

     I reflected on way we can pass on the Alanon principles- a good method of encouraging a learning culture.

I reflected on the number of times I had cringed. Ugh!


Each Alanon member is my teacher.                                                                                                                  

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