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~*Service Worker*~

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Another Alanon share...


 I am looking forward to f2f meetings towards the end of the year.

My nearest group is 30 mins away. I have never really been a regular member- but go to 6 or 8 meetings a year.

I think it is the goody-two-shoes in me still- knowing that flitting in and out of a group does not create trust.

We had some great warm rain here last night- a good prelude to spring. Last night I took part in a poetry slam. A few years ago i did one in New Orleans- and vowed and declared- never again!

However... I did get into the semi-final. My ability to rote learn has improved in recent times.

Relationships and family are going good. I do have some concerns- and certain regrets.

But the source of my regrets were beyond my control- I did know that I did my best.

In some ways trying too hard can be a fault. Trying to over-compensate.

A town north of here has gone upon flames. About 40 homes lost. That cast a pall over an otherwise copybook spring.

No having to work full-time- or 50 or 60 hours a week is a good asset. I do have plenty to do!

I still have trouble sorting out what to do first. As a child there was always so much to do- and it was going to be a no-win situation long term... that is reversed. Everything I do now has positive consequences.

I used to balk at the pity party- pity pot talk in Alanon.

I always wanted to see an Alanon where people could air and ventilate their issues.

This does not always happen- and it does really come down to personal choice.

And how much one person can actually tackle, in their lives... ...I have learned to respect that, absolutely...

...I can work out ways that work out well for me. Having online options is a good thing. aww 

I am doing prayer and meditation in a group, at the moment... which is a great boon.

It also serves as a community hub- a place to connect and to keep in touch...

...I have some issues, and always will... ...but I am happy and outgoing in a way- I never thought was possible.

I try to do some service, here and there.

But for me this group is a good place for me- to ensure that I meet my own needs first.

smile Thanks. 


A Universe that Creates Flowers : Has to be Trustworthy.

~*Service Worker*~

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If someone believes that I should not respond to my own shore- please tell me.

As I wrote I believed that my share was light- that it said very little.

However it did say a lot to me- which was the main thing.

about stuff that i can address today.

Maybe more stuff that ah kin overcome...

subtle stuff, really... ...and to be able to name use of this precious technology... aww

steps 8 and 9 for myself. smile ...


A Universe that Creates Flowers : Has to be Trustworthy.

~*Service Worker*~

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Well, congrats on your semi-final win!! As a wordsmythe, I bet that was a great source of pride! Well done!!

I got a chuckle out of the visual of you doing a "slam." No offense, it's just in the States it is really a "younger person" thing. So my visual was of all these young chippy bucks, and you "throwing it down" and showing them how ya do it!!! LOVE IT!!!!

As I get older each year, I try to move away from our U.S. stereotype of aging. Not b/c I fear it, but b/c I think if you stop growing, stop learning, you really stop LIVING. You just exist. And the United States tends to exalt the young, while discounting people who have "aged out" of society. I think we have it all backward tbh!

Thanks for brightening my day, David!




"The wolf that thrives, is the one you feed." - Cherokee legend

"Hello, sun in my face. Hello you who made the morning and spread it over the fields... Watch, now, how I start the day in happiness, in kindness."  ~ Mary Oliver



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Congratulations on promoting your poetry The amount you get done in a day is formidable. Being creatuve is a huge chalenge. In the US as you know we are consumed with the Covid virus For me my.focus had to shift after an unexoected large bill. My plans had to be put on hold. Then I had to ficus on laying diown the bill. That was gruellimg it stil is grueling All our olans here are on hold becuse we are cosumed with crisis. Global waeming, fires, bad air qualiuty. Covid 19.has chsnged everythng I have stopped thinking about #when# I.merely.focus on today and ny current gials. I need new goals thR fit in with that vision. One is bringing ny dog hime. Thikiing Bkut #when# made ne resentful These are unorecedented times I am glad thst in New Zealand you do not hae to be in this crisis mode. Maresur


~*Service Worker*~

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  aww Things are morning for me here, Maresie..... ...not so long ago it took a great effort of will to discipline myself with my sharing.

      At the same time I have been doing personal shares, as well as sharing on topics- which is good.

Since this thread started we had an election over here. Things have not changed- but every one is going to have to pitch in and move forwards... not just political rhetoric- but there is a job to be done.

I wrote this on paper this morning... paper! what's that stuff??? biggrin ...

What are we doing here? 

We are doing deep, detailed, extensive journalling here.

But what I think is most important-

-is that we are doing this together! smile ...


I think a tear hit my eyelid- when I typed out the word ~we~.

For all of us it hasn't always been like this. It has been bloody horrible. Terrifying. 

Oh boy! 

            I just had to say that. aww...

Friday here- lovely spring day... aww ...

...cheers... aww ...


A Universe that Creates Flowers : Has to be Trustworthy.

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