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Self care checklist

Self care checklist

Somebody really awesome and bright posted a post like this and I thought I would steal some of it its kind of like a quickie step four so Im going to do my end of the checklist


Foodate clean today, no junk food Drink plenty of water I did good today


ExerciseI got on my cardio total body workout machine and got 45 minutes in


Quiet timesometimes my quiet time is listening to my tunes and doing my work out and just letting my mind wander to happy things


Sleepdid quite well last night slept in this morning till about noon and then got up and had a pretty productive day my goal is to teach me how to go to bed earlier so I can get up earlier and enjoy the day more


Play--I played with my dogs and I took my kitty for a walk and then I rode my bike around the neighborhood


spirituality time--when I did my food run at the church I got prayed over by two lovely pastors and I also had some quiet time with my higher power just meditating and asking him to protect me and guide me and giving thanks for my blessings


How do I feelmy feelings are kind of up and down of late because of this unhappy situation Im in with the roommate so I allow the feelings to pass over me and then I do my self talk that this too shall pass and I go out of my way not just to be with my feelings but also to comfort myself and to do things that are joyful like running food to the church and hanging out with my older friend up the street and laughing with her and doing selfies with her all of these things make me feel better


Rose, a work in progress!!!


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