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Lovely day, and roommate was out all day, seeking her new home....

I feel a sense of sadness for her that she cannot seem to find sustainable living arrangements and yet relief and peace that for me it will soon be over....yea, I needed the $$$ but HP is providing for me just fine

I will be ok.....

today was a nice day,   went to a few stores, just to get out, got some groceries, picked up my meds and came home with my nice new feather/down pillow that I found at a clearence place for $20 and I had the greatest nap....Just me and my dogs and cat were was great!!!

roommate came home with some groceries, I asked her how "home hunting' went and she said that her auto mechanic MAY know a lady who wants to rent a room....I told her that if lady wants her on the first to JUMP on it and I will give her back the 2 days unused rent HERE is 3rd to 3rd, but if they want her on the first...GO FOR IT  and I'll give her back the 2 days

what the hell, its worth it and more important it is the fair thing to do....

I am praying like every day, several times a day that she finds SOMEPLACE to go....

In the meantime, I am just going to do my life, hang out with my friends, gotta take mr. kitty to my GF's house tomorrow so she can show me how to clip his nails...hes a gentle fellow, I THINK I could do it as I am very "techie"  but mostly was with horses and dogs...cats I'm not that well trained...

anyway...I took care of me,   set up my budget and NOW I must stick to it and be serious.....thanks to HP, I qualified for unemployment because of the disaster for contract workers...i just turn in my request,  tell them what I made, if I work and they give me the balance.....I'll be on it till life gets back to normal,  IF there is such a thing as normal....I wonder if we will ever all be the same after this......I let myself wonder then i dismiss it with the 1st 3 steps.....i am powerless over anything outside of taking care of me and even then,  the stuff over my head goes straight to step #3

I'm eating clean, once in a while I have a slip with some reese's  but gonna do my best to resist...when I got my house back to myself, I think it will help  AND doing my workouts and getting good exercise....

I've dropped some weight over the stress she caused me, so I am putting more peanut butter in my power shakes,  eating more brown rice, healthy stuff but a bit more calories

 So how did you all do today????



Rose, a work in progress!!!


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