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Lovely day today, but chilly...finished up this awful tax return, but its DONE....and I know I did a good job

roommate now that she has her car goes out a lot...LOVE my peace and quiet, tho she is not noisy, there are times, (usually the nite b4 I have to work or get up early for another reason) she starts drama crap and my "new me"  is gonna just tell her I am not engaging and walk away and while I am walking away, give her a "God bless and have a nice day"  and do my thing

My pastor came and really did a sweet job, finishing up the installation of her AC...I asked him if she doesn't work out (this is her last chance) CAN we give the AC to the church....He said absolutely and he thanked me for giving her this one last chance...I said that if it does work out, I benefit too, so it was for me first, THEN for her,  he laughed and hugged me and said he loved my honesty....We had a great chat

I went on the neatest bike ride...nearly ran into a HORSE...yea, you heard me right!!!  A HORSE, tethered to a tree, but who could get on the edge of the street...I was looking behind me for cars and I am going at a easy speed and here he is....I told owner she needed to fix his tether so he cannot get on street...I spoke with him and noted that the poor fellow needs some more groceries then he is getting and judging by his coat, a good worming would be in order.....he seemed happy enough, grazing his goodies....

it was a lovely bike ride, chatting up with my neighbors and just seeing the sites.....

I took care of me by mentioning nicely to roommate to please straighten out the cushions and slip cover on the couch...tidy it up like you found it, Please.....

Had a nice steak dinner and a salad, by myself, alone, peaceful with just the dogs and had a good feed...

so how did you all take care of yourselves...


Rose, a work in progress!!!


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My now ex room mate was very noisy so I commiserate. I know how invasive that can be. I had to go over there today to pick up.some stuff. He was vague and avoided me. He barely leaves the house and has been working from home for months. I detached. Detachment is oretty easy when you are only.somewhere for an hour ir two. On a 24 hour basis it is pretty difficult and much.more skillful. have approximately 50% of my stuff. I am definitely in phase 2 of the move in Phase 3 wil be over next week. Then i need to.start downsizing but one day at a time good to.hsve a front.door my.own bathroom.and most pf all the ability to rest. I cut my hours at work and I will keeo them at this level for awhile at the very leat a montj. This COVID crisis is a new thing My plate is already full. not need any more on it. This rennovation has cost ne 6 months of my time and it is time to bring that to a close. On.Monday they demolish the mailboxes. There is no note on when the new mailboxes wil be installed. That means no mail for at keast a few days. Why cant they communicate that: apparently they do not feel the need to. Letting go us is indeed an art form. This COVID crisis is teaching ne there is no planning for some things. This rennovation is another one months and months of not knowing. I need my own personal space to regroup. I also need a significant amount of rest. Nursing myself back from exhaustion is tough going. I ger so far and then have to go back and rest some more. Too.much.on your plate leads inevitably exhaustion. When you go too far it is a long road back up the slope. Maresie

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