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Today was a day of Light stuff around the house...doggie bath and doing laundry and that was IT....

got some videos off my favorite site and just relaxed

it rained and stormed in the earlier part of the day so I snuggled in my bed and took a nap...ooooh it felt good listening to the rain patter on the roof, perfect for a nap

then I realized something...I can be lazy and not do much and NOT feel guilt...Like I don't have to be a human doing...I can and AM a human being....and I was a "being" felt good to have my day off, quiet....roommate was dropping hints about groceries, and I told her I was resting today and not going anywhere.....LORD!!! I hope her stimulus check comes so she can get her car out of the shop and take care of her errands....I want MY check too, but there again...Step 3, I am powerless, but not powerless to say "NO, I don't want to go anywhere today" and I did not

I had to laugh...shes "telling" me that she wants to go to Aldi which is 3-4 miles away when Walmart is nearly walking distance.....I told her I was going to Walmart and that was it....All of our needs can be met at WM....yea, Aldi has nice treats and some great stuff that I love to get, but I don't NEED to go there as I was there on Sunday..., I also said that we need to be in and there are many people in WM and I want to get my stuff purchased and LEAVE...this is my time off b4 income taxes kick in again, and I am going to enjoy my time off.....

So how did you all take care of yourselves?????  and as usual..............BE SAFE and WELL


Rose, a work in progress!!!


~*Service Worker*~

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Just reading your visual of cuddling in bed listening to the rain patter... I was so envious!! Great that you got a nap in, and even better you were able to share your needs in an adult way with your roomie!

It was a looooooong day at work. Besides being outrageously busy, we had a patient threaten a "bad Yelp review" b/c her insurance wouldn't cover her medication, so we did not want to make it unless we had confirmation she was going to pay for the drug. I have very little patience for people who "Yelp threaten" for what they want. Oh well, can't control that! LOL!

Self-care: Got Take-Out and now going to bed.


"The wolf that thrives, is the one you feed." - Cherokee legend

"Hello, sun in my face. Hello you who made the morning and spread it over the fields... Watch, now, how I start the day in happiness, in kindness."  ~ Mary Oliver



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