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~*Service Worker*~

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today was bright and sunny and perfect temperature, so i went on a bike ride,

then visited my elderly friend who had a HUGE box of goodies for me...2 cans salmon, wild caught, 2 boxes of cheerios, peanut butter, BUNCHES of can stuff for the church, non fat milk solids for my coffee when I run out of the cremora...all KINDS of good stuff...cheese, real cheese, a big block of it, yea, I was a happy camper, LOL

we had a great visit..her landlord, my handyman (I've been friends with these people at least 20 years)  he fired up the Barbie and we had chicken , sausage,  great BBQ, neighbors across the way from them came,  we were handing out hot food to our neighbors...It almost felt like quaranteen was over with, but we all KNOW each other and we Did practice proper hygiene....I had my mask on most of the time, washed my hands a lot, etc.

then when I got home, roommate hit me up for her haircut...I said  "haircut in exchange for some dusting in the living room"  she agreed....

i took care of me by having FUN!!! enjoying companionship of my friends, with care, of course...none of us go anywhere, so like the risk is low at most...AND we hung out outside in the sunny weather

for a brief time, OUR world was "normal"  and we savored it....lots of laughter, jokes, teasing, I love Linda, and I have a deep caring for Ricky the handyman,  hes an alcoholic...I had to find another guy to do my work because I can't depend on him..Luckily, the stuff i've needed, I can do myself....but yea, I'll always care about him , I hate the disease, but I care about the human being....



Rose, a work in progress!!!


~*Service Worker*~

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That was great Rose and perfectly how life works in my mind.  My wife and I live the sharing also.  It  is legal and so nice.  ((((Hugs)))) 


Jerry F

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Date: so glad to hear you are doing better. You have integrated Betty's influence in your life. Betty relished her life. Betty loved living in the Lower East side Betty adored her interests Betty had tjme for others Betty invited people into this forum Given your background that is such phenomenal achievement. You have eeaky crashed through so many barriers to get thsre You.deserve this unreservedly Maresie

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