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Post Info TOPIC: Hope for Today Apr 19

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Hope for Today Apr 19

Good morning everyone:

Todays reading is about the process of recovery.  The writer describes a time when he/she stopped trying to fix other people, and began attempting to cure him/herself. There was a sense of urgency and even impatience at the idea that it was time to recover from having lived with alcoholism, graduate from Alanon and go on with life.  Over time the writer realized that even after several years in the program, there was work to do and a lifelong process.  The writer goes on to compare the recovery process to the condition of arthritis that he/she manages.  If there is no attention given to the medical condition, like warm baths or stretching, there is more physical pain. Similarly, if we who have lived with active alcoholics do not attend meetings, read the literature, we will fall into old habits and attitudes.

I know that for me, having a consistent pattern of readings, writing with my sponsor, and working the steps has been integral to progress in recovery.  When I read about the arthritis it reminded me of how I must be consistent in my attention to healthy eating and exercise.  I have a lifelong struggle to work on when it comes to: eating while bored, anxious or just out of habit rather than to fuel my body.  When I consider that I have many many years of habits that brought me to where I am, I must know that there is no finite cure that will bring me out of them, just healthier habits that I can move forward with.  I am grateful we are here working on it together. 

 I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday!



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Hi Mary, thanks for your service, and great ESH. Yes, I need to pay constant attention to my life, and not falling back into battle with my dry drunk A. That happened last evening. I was just too tired from watching my granddaughter more than usual, and the virus stuff has me out of whack as well. I let my guard down. So the reading today is a perfect reminder to practice all my tools and slogans, live and let live, keep it simple, and ODAT. Lyne



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Happy Sunday MIP! Thank you Mary for your service and the daily. Thank you both for your ESH/shares. I do recall a sense of 'urgency' within me to get well, feel better, graduate or something similar. I recall my sponsor saying often that Rome was NOT built in a day, and we'd chuckle. I wanted to get to 'the end' without experiencing or enjoying the journey! As far back as I can remember, that urgency has been within me and it was a challenge to slow me down and focus on just this day and what I could do this day to support/enhance my recovery.

Today is our 29th wedding anniversary! There is a huge part of me that is beyond words grateful that we've stuck it out and made it. There's another huge part of me that wonders how that happened! And then there the better version of me who was able to laugh out loud genuinely when my AH realized the day, the date and had a HUGE look of fear because he forgot. There truly are no big deals in my life today that I have to face alone and that's because I chose each day to trust the God of my understanding to get me thru -- no matter what's presented.

I can not imagine how 'we' would be dealing with this pandemic, the fear, the stay @ home, etc. without recovery...I know I would be a wrecking ball with the best of intentions. I'm grateful that Al-Anon suggests that I look at me, work to improve me and just be the better version of me! It's been the best set of tools ever for what we are facing.

We are off to golf shortly - looking forward to getting out again today. We golfed yesterday too, and I am grateful that my area includes many who are abiding by the suggested rules. May you all find/keep your joy today and make it a great day!


Practice the PAUSE...Pause before judging.  Pause before assuming.  Pause before accusing.  Pause whenever you are about to react harshly and you will avoid doing and saying things you will later regret.  ~~~~  Lori Deschene



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 aww Hi Mary, Lyne, and IAm... aww ...

Without this group my daily readers would be gathering dust out in the garage!

I celebrate my ability to read and to think clearly- for starters- before I even discuss the topic.

I don't ever feel that I tried to fix anybody. Especially not my first qualifier. At the moment I am doing thinking and letting go about my father's stepfather. The only grandfather i knew. According to my mum he was a binge drinker and a womaniser. He had seriously compromised my actual grandfather- who died of a broken heart. Maybe even killed himself.

I am currently untangling myself from these thoughts.I always saw Uncle K., as I knew hom as a lovely kind man. He was extremely shy- and would find a corner thread a book- when he was visiting our place.

My grandmother always said that Uncle K. took time and took notice of my dad. And that his own dad didn't.

I had a stepfather- until he passed two years ago. And I am a stepfather to our oldest daughter.

What sort of a parent do want to be?

Well, maybe it is a bit late now to change tack? But I can do an inventory- of the person I have become, and review the role that I play.

Maybe like taking the stiffness out of my joints, and stretching.

I sense that my mum's shaming and blaming Uncle K. I was the oldest kid in the family- and my mum told me lots and lots of stories. About the course of her life.

My mum had a copy of ODAT. It always looks new- and seldom read.

So most likely she had reflected little and shared less about the course of her life- and the roles she played?

Again- these thoughts are but a work in progress- thinking aloud, and thinking allowed...

Thanks for the topic, Mary... smile  ...


A Universe that Creates Flowers : Has to be Trustworthy.

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I came here with one purpose and that was to give the board information on the Al-Anon Monthly Magazine,  "The Forum" and how great a tool it is and I got more from the board.  This is more personal to me because we are family and I stop and listen most daily and often more than once.  

The Forum is a great tool for sure check it out  and then come here and listen to the family also.

Thanks so very much....((((hugs)))) biggrinwink

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Jerry F
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