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Mum's famous words...


 smile I am more like a grandmother now- not unusual since my mum and grandma and two aunties bought me up, more than anyone.

      I am not the sort of person who can get a hammer and a chisel out and talk in a gruff voice. I am not the sort of person who comes

home from the supermarket with a dozen tinnies. [I sometimes refer to myself as an omega male!]

Mum used to say things like: "hold your horses!" Or especially- "We'll cross that bridge when we come to it!"

That last one I would with fear and terror at an Alanon meeting! [Not this one!] Why? because it is not conference approved. 

Maybe this fear has not a lot to do with Alanon. Maybe more about having to wade through broken glass with my family.

My thoughts are getting more extreme these days- as my outlook and manner [from within] gets more sanguine and gentle.

i find myself saying: "I used to hit myself over the head with a brick wall!"

But the bridge saying can be summed up with 3 of the 16 approved slogans that Alanon has in its stable.

Easy does it, First things first, and One day at a time. Also that one word slogan- Think.

Our nana came from the English border [with Wales] and had a huge stock of pithy sayings.

One of her cutest- which I heard at one of her visits was "Little pigs have big ears."

And I took it right away to mean "scram!"

My mum had a copy of our ODAT. But it always look brand spanking new. I think she had only ever bin to one meeting in her life.

But as she would say: "It's the thought that counts."


One day at a time.

~*Service Worker*~

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Thanks for sharing. We can be grateful for recovery. I sometimes wonder how life would have been had my mom found Alanon but was lucky to be able to share the program with her in later years. I, too remember in my childhood hearing these saying that were meant to be remembered and applied to my ever evolving behavior as I development into young adulthood. Although they seemed like marching orders at the time, I know i was loved and these were meant with the best of intentions. Today I prefer our slogans which are gentle reminders. I don't have to repeat old history by ordering myself around. The program has shown me instead to reorder my thinking. I can use messaging rooted in self acceptance and acceptance of others - Keep It Simple, Live and Let Live and Easy Does It. Thanks for sharing (((David))) Your share put a smile on my face as I remember my parents today with unconditional love today thanks to the program. TT


Faith unsticks fear.

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