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Post Info TOPIC: New Things are Hard... But I'm Trying

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New Things are Hard... But I'm Trying

A Piece from 50th Anniversary ODAT:

When I Say to myself that I'm Going to turn all my problems over to God, this does not give me leave to shirk my responsibilities.

Todays' Reminder:

When I am Desperate enough to ask for help, I will not expect it to come in the form of easy solutions. I must play a part in solving my problems, but my HP will provide the guidance and the strength to take the right action.

"I Pray for the Wisdom to understand my difficulties clearly and honestly, and for the strength to do something constructive about them. I know I can count on God's Help in this."


*Jozie* Sometimes I Need Reminded that I Can't do it All Myself, and that is Hard for me! I know my Program, and I Know to Let Go & Let God. Yet at times, I do tend to use that as a Scapegoat to just Do NOTHING! Sometimes, that works, and Others times, it just proves that its My Turn to do something Different!

I've Recently "Entertained" the Idea of Slowly Picking up a New Career... A Hobby of Such! That Was Gifted to me from this Program... The One thing that Just Makes Me Feel Accomplished, and Satisfied with the out come! I have a Dear Al-Anon Friend that has been Encouraging me to "Do something with it!" for a Couple Years now, and Last year I got My "Toes Wet" a Time or Two Per Say, and I Very Much Enjoyed it!

With that Being Said, I Still Struggle Charging Peeps for Something I Love to do! I Just Truly Enjoy Bringing Smiles to Peeps, and Seeing the Shift in their Reactions when I Present them with it... I have Always Got More Joy from those Moments then anything that had to do with Money! I'm Just Not the Gal that See's Money as Anything More then Something to pay my bills with, and Sometimes have a Little Fun :) But I'm Growing, and Like I Said... Baby Stepping My Way!

I'm Still Running the Family Business from Home, which this Year will be 25 yrs I've Sat in this Chair, and Frankly I'm Grateful for the Work, But OVER the Job :/, and Noticed it Kills My Self Worth when We are Slow, and I Can't DO Anything but Pray the Phone Rings :/   but This is a Bit of a Side Gig to See if I Can Get My Feet Wet Enough to Make a Living out of it! I've Prayed on this for Years, Asking only for God's Will in this, and Boy has he Laid the Carpet out, time and Again, to get me to where I am now!

I Struggle so Bad with Trust, Not Just in those Around me, but In Myself... Trying to Make the Right Decisions, and Making Ripples to make them Happen! I was One to Always Avoid those Ripples if I Could, but I'm So Grateful to have an HP that Says, Ripples are OK... And Ripples Make Me Grow! But First I Had to Realize, Not ALL Ripples Are Bad :) Thanks HP!


Thanks for Letting Me Share!



Thee Only Journey I Control Is MY Own :)

Gratitude.... Is a God Honoring Attitude! :D

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You are so right... not all ripples are bad!
Go for it, girl!

Wishing you much success with this venture!




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"The wolf that thrives, is the one you feed." - Cherokee legend

"I don't ask for much, I only want Trust... and you know it don't come easy." - Ringo Starr

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 Go gal, Jozie... 

                          One time ODAT was the only reader we had- and before that the AA Big Book.

My hunch is that it is good to do steps 2 and 3 in the group- to explore our beliefs, and where they might have let us down.

To renew faith in ourselves, at the very least!  Just a little more neutral than our own emotional experience that comes up in Step 4.

I shifted role, over the New Year- and I find my direction is okay- and less stressful.

Lovely share, my friend... aww ...


One day at a time.

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Jozie, years ago my sponsor suggested that I ask HP, "How much do you trust me?".  When I heard the answer I didn't have to ask that question another time.

Ask your HP and Listen.   ((((hugs))))  There are times I have gotten the answer thru HP's Al-Anon family.

Jerry F
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