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Post Info TOPIC: Hope for Today May 13

~*Service Worker*~

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Hope for Today May 13

Good morning Everyone-

Todays reading is about the power of the serenity prayer.  Specifically, the writer mentions how helpful it can be to repeat the prayer and break it into three parts when the mind needs quieting. Accept the things I cannot change (It is helpful to think of a few in order to let go), change the things I can (make a realistic plan for specific situations), wisdom to know the difference (stepping away from anxiety and toward serenity).

The simplicity of the Serenity prayer has been very powerful for me, and it also has worked to quiet my mind when I have focused on the three parts of it as described above.  One aspect of the program I have noticed is that in the beginning it was very difficult to realize there were things I had no control over and could not change, now there are times when that realization is a great relief!

If you are celebrating Mothers Day today I hope it is a happy one surrounded by your loving people:)



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Thank you Mary!

You shared the part I was having trouble putting into words. "There are times when that realization is a great relief!" Before coming back in here, I would still be running on "crisis mode" when new things popped up and caught me off guard. I am learning, still learning that "relief" feeling is not being accustomed to moving out of the "crisis and into peace" so quickly compared to the past...........where all the junk kept a grip for weeks, to months.

Have a great day and hugs!!


~*Service Worker*~

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Great reading Mary Thank you.   The serenity prayer has been my go to tool for many years. My prayers for courage, serenity and wisdom have never gone unanswered and I am so very grateful  I do believe that these three assets  as well as mu HP are all I need to live life with acceptance and love.
Happy Mothers' day to all who celebrate .
Mary Thanks for your continued service




~*Service Worker*~

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Thank you Mary for the daily and your service. Thank you all for your shares and ESH. This is a day that is a difficult day for me. It's been that way for a while and it is in the Serenity Prayer that I pull strength, grace and wisdom to get through it. I am leaning in today and in coasting mode to get to the other side!! (((Hugs))) to all - off to a meeting!


Practice the PAUSE...Pause before judging.  Pause before assuming.  Pause before accusing.  Pause whenever you are about to react harshly and you will avoid doing and saying things you will later regret.  ~~~~  Lori Deschene



~*Service Worker*~

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Thank You Mary for sharing. Sometimes I neglect the serenity prayer. I appreciate your reminder today! I often say to myself, "Your will, not mine." The Serenity Prayer, to me, is the basis from which most of what i love about program comes from. I need to remember to say it more often to myself. Hope you all are having a lovely Sunday!

Never grow a wishbone where your backbone ought to be!
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