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Post Info TOPIC: ODAT Reading 3-10-2018

~*Service Worker*~

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ODAT Reading 3-10-2018

The ODAT reading for today clearly states that we come to alanon to  receive help from unbearable pain and suffering. Many of us believe this pain is caused by another, however since we are powerless over others, alanon directs us to look inward, to uncover what we are doing that is causing our pain.  

The reading points out that it  is our responsibility to keep coming back so as to do something about the  pain by changing our attitudes and life by using alanon tools,

Have a great day.




~*Service Worker*~

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Thanks for your service, Betty. I used to cram my head full of Alanon literature and go to meetings and think I can force myself to get better,which kind of is true excluding the forcing part, lol. My sponsor shared that its enough that I attend meetings, do the steps, read some literature, that the necessary change would happen in time because the program works this way. I'm beginning to finally see it really seems so. My screwed up thinking gets less so pretty slowly, but it does, as long as I do my part. I thought previously that my part also included hounding myself like merciless master their slave to ensure obedience, but I see it is unnecessary. I have a choice - continue doing my part in the program and get better or don't and be crazy again. I don't see middle ground for me, in this way I see myself just as with alcoholics, I think my crazy thinking is crazy for life and can only be arrested and not cured.


~*Service Worker*~

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Good topic, Betty... I think we recognise the pain in others first... a natural response. Emotional pain, disappointment and despair. In the early days especially- in some families- physical pain as well. I tried so very hard- never missed a meeting, if I could help it.

Even today- reading the messages on this board; especially from newcomers; I think sometimes- where will it ever end! ???

However- I amongst us all... have to say- "let it begin with me". Let me learn to let go. Let my higher power work on the pain- the obstructions. Make me a more workable person. Just working harder and harder; trying harder and harder; just does not work long term.

I just need to let go, To share the burdens. To put the burdens down. To put things in the right perspective...

these last few years I have had some great break-throughs. Soft gentle ones, really... which have impacted on my own family first. Because they were real- and sustainable... I am ready to give back- in a reasonable way. I look around me at my companions...

All the pain and grief we have shouldered together... the confidences we have all shared amongst ourselves. Precious moments. Poignant.

We seasoned members have a message of hope... we offer it through the wry wrinkles around our eyes... signs of genuine hope! smile...

i look up to the hills... [we are surrounded by hills here!] It is slightly chilly this morning. Autumn coming on... a time of rich harvest- our fruit bowl is full.

It is Sunday morning... stuff to do... people to meet and to visit...

blessings abound...


Thanks, Alanon for the chance to realise this!



One day at a time.

~*Service Worker*~

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Late to this 'party' but what a great reading. I appreciate that Al-Anon suggested I work on and look at me vs. outside of me. I arrived blaming the disease and the diseased for all my issues. It is through that focus on self that I came to find my power again as well as how to change my outlook and attitude towards life, event, others and the disease.

Grateful member who so appreciates all who came before me and keep coming back to set the examples of how to find and keep serenity and joy!


Practice the PAUSE...Pause before judging.  Pause before assuming.  Pause before accusing.  Pause whenever you are about to react harshly and you will avoid doing and saying things you will later regret.  ~~~~  Lori Deschene



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