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Post Info TOPIC: Pg 100 of One Day at a Time in Alanon


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Pg 100 of One Day at a Time in Alanon

Good Morning,

I do not have the above book.  Last night in my meeting someone read page 100 and it was exactly what I needed. It spoke about the thorns and rosebud. I came home and ordered the book was was wondering if anyone could take a moment to type that page out as I have to wait until next week to receive the book and need the verse now.  If anyone has this, I sure would be greateful.

Thank you, ~cajo67


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Hi Cajo 67

Here is the page you requested: ODAT Page 100
Copywright and reprinted by permission.

Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation so difficult that it seems like a long drawn out crisis; we cannot solve it; there is no way to escape.  Such a problem will occupy our thoughts continually--round and round  it goes and the more we think about it, the more we are engulfed in despair.

This is the moment to recall a simple phrase,a slogan or a bit of philosophy. and to say it over and over until our minds are filed with it,replacing thoughts of our tormenting problem.

It might be the Serenity Prayer or a thought  an al-anon member submited to the Forum;"Thank You God I now see that thorns have roses"

Todays Reminder
There is some good  in even the darkest troubles that happen to me.  I can acquire the knack of searching out the good, and concentrating on it.  Much depends on my meeting my problems head on, calmly estimating there real character, refusing to exaggerate them, and then drowning them out with an inspiring thought.

"Painful experiences come from the thorns that wound us; they make us forget they also have roses.  Yet we cannot expect to enjoy life's color,beauty, and fragrance,without accepting the thorny challenges and learning how to deal with them as we do in alanon" 

My reflection is that is a very powerful page and it will serve you well in you journey.

Love in Al-Anon





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Thank you so much for taking time.  This passage spoke to me last night in a way that I cannot even begin to describe. 

Pleace and Blessings to you!

Love in Alanon


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that couldn't have helped to help even the oldtimer.  I am grateful for the
request and service.  That's what its all about and often we get more than
we give.

Cajo keep coming back and reaching out and Hotrod...thank you again.



~*Service Worker*~

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this reading reminds me a lot about that swirling toilet feeling that someone was talking about earlier- that endless swirling, round and round and despair is the best word to describe its result- its true!

Good reading. Its what I needed to hear this morning so thank you! Jean

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