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Post Info TOPIC: Courage to Change August 31 - Live and Let Live

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Courage to Change August 31 - Live and Let Live

Today's reading shows an example of Al-Anon's slogan Live and Let Live in action. As I often do when posting a daily, I searched the index for the associated Al-Anon topic. I was surprised by how many topics I felt fit well for this page. The reading mentions a desire for others to fulfill our needs rather than being self sufficient. It gives an example of an imbalanced relationship, a person whose attitudes and behaviors imply they may be looking for a pet rather than a human being to meet their needs.  No one person can be all things to me, the reading states.

We are asked in the reading to examine our own expectations of others and ask ourselves if those expectations are reasonable.

A few self inventory questions follow:

Do I respect other people's individuality - or only the parts that suit my fancy?

Do I appreciate what I do receive?

The reading goes on to implore the reader to do the inside job. With self focus the Al-Anon member can seek answers as to what may need changing within themself.

I can see how this directly addresses Live of our slogan Live and Let Live. With this program work and change from an outward self seeking focus to inward introspection, I can Let Go and Let God. Through spiritual awakening, it becomes a bit easier for me to let others Live.

The reading speaks about respecting the individuality of others and not trying to fashion others to my own image. I can see that Al-Anon topics such as control, dependency, higher power, boundaries, gratitude associate well with this daily reading. I know that my ego can be over active at times. When I edge God out, I assume myself the hp of another person and will try to impose my will to force a particular outcome. At such times, I need to get back to my side of the street. I'm grateful to our program and a loving hp for awareness, for awakenings concerning unhealthy behaviors.

Today's Quote:

The beginning of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves and not twist them to fit our own image. One Day at a Time

Recently, I've noticed some major changes in a few people close to me and have wanted to jump in, help, rescue. I love each of them and am sorry to see them in pain. With that said, if I am to be honest, I have also felt fearful of what those changes in them mean for me. These are people who have been there for me offering healthy support and I have grown to depend on that support. Of course my hp is always there for me but sometimes human to human contact also helps me feel less alone with feelings. This has also caused me to examine my own resilience in crisis. I can see that I've been dependent on others to be strong for me, make it better and even parent me at times. I accept that it's fine to have these vulnerabilities. I'm not an emotionless rock. But, now simultaneously a number of those closest to me are overwhelmed by life on life's terms. I am turning to my higher power for guidance as to how I can be supportive of each of them without getting between them and their higher power. More Will Be Revealed

Times are hard no doubt for many of us but I am continuing to lean on Al-Anon recovery and put my trust in a loving God. Thy will not my will be done. I hope everyone enjoys a bit of serenity today.


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Thank you TT for your service, share, and good wishes. I kind of see live and let live, and let go and let God, as twin slogans. When I think of one I think of the other. If I write one to a program friend, I usually write both. I'm getting better as time goes on, at trying not to force solutions. My spouse recently started AA. In my opinion, a sponsor is needed in this situation. I am powerless over another's recovery or way to accomplish it. I have to mind my own business. I don't always want to, but I know it's the right thing to do. Live and let live, and let go and let God.



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