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Post Info TOPIC: One Day at a Time August 17 - Tradition 12

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One Day at a Time August 17 - Tradition 12

Tradition 12 - Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all of our Traditions, ever reminding us to place principles above personalities.

Today's reading focuses on a newcomer's concerns about attending Al-Anon. Wishing to stay anonymous, they worry that others in the meeting may tell those in their community of their attendance at an Al-Anon meeting.  They worry that members may expose what they share in the meeting place to others.

The reading assures safety "a protective cloak of anonymity" for those who choose to attend Al-Anon. Nothing shared will go beyond the meeting room nor names be mentioned. Members make this commitment to one another and adhere to it based on Al-Anon principles. It's meant to guard against careless gossip.

I'm so grateful for the 12th Tradition. I doubt I would have kept coming back had I not felt assured that I could share openly and fearlessly. I'm equally grateful for the personal progress this Tradition fostered within myself. I learned to trust myself and others more, be valued as someone trustworthy when other members shared, gained a sense of belonging and to my surprise, I learned that even a newcomer to Al-Anon, a stranger to those who have been attending for awhile is automatically given the trust of long time members not gossip or reveal the identity of others in Al-Anon.

The 12th Tradition makes it safe for anyone to attend Al-Anon anonymously. Through the years, I have encountered public figures particularly celebrities in the meeting place from time to time. It can feel tempting when starstruck to reveal their names outside a meeting place. After all, they are public figures right? For me, such people once entering the doors of Al-Anon are a part of our Al-Anon recovery fellowship, a fellowship of equals. What and who they are in life doesn't change adherence to anonymity as suggested by our Al-Anon traditions. "Who you see here, what you hear here, let it stay here."




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Thank you TT for your service and share. I was initially worried that my identity would not be respected as I worked with the public in mental health (now retired). What was interesting for me was that the longer I kept coming back to meetings, eventually I did not care who knew I attended. These days I feel proud of my program and tell lots of people! One day a professional came to my meeting that I knew, and it was just another person in pain looking for help. I am glad that alanon has a goal of anonymity, but I also know humans are flawed and not everyone can adhere to that.



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