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Post Info TOPIC: ODAt in alanon, Monday, 5/8, Freedom

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ODAt in alanon, Monday, 5/8, Freedom

This writer says the gifts of alanon have a price tag.  Freedom requires acceptance.  If we accept Step 1, we can stop trying to control the alcoholic.  If we can surrender to God's guidance, we give up self-will.  We have to decide if freedom from despair is worth all this.  Most believe it is.  If we can change from hostility to forgiveness, and from violence to quiet acceptance, our words and actions will reflect this. 


I did feel some resentment when I was new to program--why did I have to change, why did I have to give up trying to control my A, and why did I have to go to meetings??  And those silly little steps and slogans--why did I have to pay some attention to those?  I wasn't the sick one.  WRONG!!  And now after after much patience, forgiveness, and practice, I can honestly say I do feel free.  I have freedom from being dragged down by my A and almost anyone.  I've learned if anyone now is dragging me down, it's usually me.  I have a toolbox to help me tune up what is broken.  I keep a large sign nearby, a sticker that came with something, that says:  FREEDOM.  Amen.



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Amen is so right Lyne!! Thank you for your service, today's reading and ESH.

I do have to admit that I experience that "freedom" because I so accept the fact that I cannot control the

alcoholic in my life, but I still have intermittent trouble with their unprovoked verbal hostility, They live in

a "water globe world" of denial/lies that I find so disconcerting. When I try to keep space between myself and

their actions they find it unloving and uncaring, but I can see that it is only a ruse to suck me into their hostility

and anger. When I let myself get to close that is when I get nailed, so to speak. I need to just do what I have

to do to stay free and happy and maintain that detached space period. Live and learn!!! {{HUGS}}


"Forgiveness doesn't excuse bad behavior, but it

does prevent bad behavior from destroying your heart". ~ unknown


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Thank you Lyne for your service and the awesome shares. At times I still gripe about the changes I've had to make but as noted, the rewards are well worth it. Getting back the freedom to be me brings tremendous joy. Thank you all for bringing a smile to my heart. Amen indeed.


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Thanks so much Lyne, and all this page.

Nothing in life is free, everything, absolutely everything has a cost. Movement has a biological cost, doing nothing but maintaining involuntary biological functions still has a cost, trying to control what we can't has a terrible cost, and love that this page reminds me that yes, even Freedom and the Gifts of ALanon have a price.

I will pay a price regardless of what I choose, the difference is first in the currency and finally in the results. Love that visual, grateful for the reminders



"...when we try to control others, we lose the ability to manage our own lives."  - Paths to Recovery 

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