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Post Info TOPIC: 5/2/23 ODAT What is Prayer, How Might it Help?

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5/2/23 ODAT What is Prayer, How Might it Help?

This page suggests the true value of prayer lay not with the form it takes or to whom it is directed, but in its very function of reaching out to something greater than (and simply other than) ourselves for help or to acknowledge gratitude.

Reminder: Prayer is simply contact with a higher power by thought. It is a powerful tool when seeking guidance as it keeps me receptive and open to inspiration.

"All true prayer somehow confesses our absolute dependence on God. It is therefore a deep and vital contact with him...It is when we pray that we really are." - Thomas Merton No Man is an Island
I initially resisted the suggestion of prayer when I came to Alanon because of an association with prayer and religion/god. This page was one that helped me see prayer as a mere thought or utterance, something of utility that could fit within my concept of a higher power.

I see it now as an important, regular function of looking for answers outside of myself, of giving praise or credit to something bigger than me...a simple tool to rightsize my thinking, a reminder that it is not about me...

Grateful for the wisdom and reminders




"...when we try to control others, we lose the ability to manage our own lives."  - Paths to Recovery 

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Thanks Paul for your service and ESH. For the first half of my life I had no concept of a higher power, and before program I found a higher power. It is easy for me to embrace this concept, however I am aware of others' struggling. I pray every morning and it's part of my routine. It brings me comfort and a source of help. It brings perspective that I am just a little organism in a very huge solar system. It keeps me humble and grateful. Prayer became an important part of my life prior to alanon, and now it is reinforced through practicing the steps, etc. Grateful member always.



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Good afternoon

I have always prayed to my HP but being the perfectionist I am I have always had an exact routine and prayed the exact same thing every day. Recently someone I was talking with talked about praying whats in my mind and heart, even if its anger that I have at my HP. They assured me that no matter what my HP would still be there regardless and that its a way to get out and let go of everything thats hurting and worrying me.

Thats a foreign concept to me, thats not something I was taught or even heard of really. I have prayed about all my anger, bitterness and resentment,sadness,hurt, pain, etc but Ive never really prayed about why I feel those things or the depth of my thoughts or feelings. So Ive been slowly adding things to my daily prayers to get used to it. I must say it makes it feel like a much more intimate relationship. And thats comforting

Have a good day!

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