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Post Info TOPIC: C2C for March 17, 2023 That This Too Shall Pass

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C2C for March 17, 2023 That This Too Shall Pass

Todays reading reminds us that in Al-Anon, with the teachings of the Steps, Traditions, Slogans, courage, faith and our need for each other,

each issue we encounter, even the painful ones, will in our journey pass as time goes on and we grow sharing our experience, strength and

hope.  We ultimately learn patience and acceptance instead of allowing our issues to be such controlling focal points in our lives.  We learn

to not focus on those issues because they are most likely not always within our control, but to focus on our selves and how we can live better

lives when we share how we each detach from others problems and live our life's in gratitude and with grace.


Todays reminder:  "Remembering that this too shall pass can make it easier to get through a difficult day."  "I will be very gentle with myself

during this time."  "Some extra loving care and attention to my self can make everything a little easier."


Todays Quote:  "I am equal to what life presents, when I use the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, the slogans, literature, sponsorship,

conventions, and most importantly, meetings." ~ In All Our Affairs


This brings to mind when my children were young and all the trials and tribulations that caused such concern and worry at each stage of their lives. 

I learned, after a while, that those issues are going to pass very quickly because as they grow up those issues will resolve and others will follow and

pass as well.  I remembered this so well and it helped me to see how the same is true with my life in the past and present.  I especially found that

my faith, sharing and learning from you all plus working the Steps were the three things that helped me the most to learn that I cannot control the

alcoholic in my life, what he does, what he says and what he thinks.  I learned to detach from his business because when I engage with that alcoholic

chaos I am only adding to my pain and when I focus on only my life I grew in patience, faith and acceptance and can better maintain my serenity.


What is your ESH concerning this reading today and how Al-Anon has helped you with the process of acceptance?


TGIF MIP Family!!  {{HUGS}}


"Forgiveness doesn't excuse bad behavior, but it

does prevent bad behavior from destroying your heart". ~ unknown


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Thanks Debbie for your service and ESH. My take on "This too shall pass," is that no matter how awful, scared, or low I feel, in an hour or tomorrow I can feel differently. This has gotten me through relationships ending, grieving a loss, etc. It's a wonderful concept, to look back and see that in the throws of despair, hope is right around the corner. ODAT, OHAT, (one hour at a time), and OMAT (one minute at a time), all come in very handy. I don't get stuck in a bad place very often, and I try to change things up as soon as I can.



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Thank you Debbie for your service /ESH. Like Lyne, "This too shall pass" has given me courage/hope when going through painful or unpleasant situations. It's also important for me to remember good times are also temporary. Al-Anon gives me tools to stay calm one day/moment at a time.


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Good morning

Sometimes it doesn't feel like things will pass,not situations,circumstances or even feelings. But they do,they always do in one way or another.

I def needed this reminder.

Have a good day

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