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Post Info TOPIC: Missing in action for years


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Missing in action for years

So happy I decided to look this group up again. Did not remember any of my account information so had a hard time getting back in. I already recognize some names from many years ago. tiredtonight and hotrod are 2 Ive noticed from way back. This disease is always with us but sadly I have fallen into the chronic Alononer. Recently I have returned to f2f meetings but truthfully I am back where I started from probably 20 years ago. Except for my son being 52 instead of 32 with several years of sobriety things are feeling out of control for me and for him. This time there is a 6 year old child who has a sick mother and a sick father. Thankfully, I live across the street and have the little guy as much as possible. However, this is not the life I intended for our golden years. It is so so hard to detach when a little person needs you in their life. My son and his girlfriend have recently split up and my grandson stays with my son mostly. His mom is right up the street so we are all basically taking care of him. I couldnt leave the area even if I wanted to at this point as I feel I have to be sure my grandson is safe. Its a tough situation all the way around but with the grace of God we will prevail. Thanks for listening! PS does anyone know how to put this site on my phone as a shortcut?


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{{Gailsy}} So happy you found your way back but equally sad for the reasons you had to.

I think you are wonderful that you are a stabilizing factor in your grandsons life, he is so very lucky to have you!!

I also believe that f2f meetings are your best bet for you to take care of you and that coming here is always

welcoming indeed! I do not use an iphone, just have the standard, in an emergency flip style, but if you want

to bookmark this site this is the address:

But I think your best bet is while you are on the MIP home page, you must have the ability to tap a menu

button and select add to home screen? Hope I helped and welcome back to MIP!


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does prevent bad behavior from destroying your heart". ~ unknown


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Hello Gailsy,

Welcome back to the board and glad you are able to return to your meetings for recovery. I'm sorry for what you and your family are going through and hope you'll keep coming back to share if you feel it helps you. Great that your son is now sober. It's definitely a hard burden you are carrying concerning your little grandson - caring for him when he is with you, worrying about his well-being when he is not. I hope you'll feel a sense of belonging again both here and at in person Al-anon.

Maybe you'll will find a great sponsor at f2f who will be there for you to connect with outside of meetings. Funny, yet maybe not so funny; I went home some years back and met my first sponsor for lunch. I was excited to see her again! She was involved with a non alcoholic but he had an active alcoholic adult child and he was not in family recovery. My former sponsor, herself was very different in her behavior from how I had remembered her. I finally asked if she had been making meetings. Her behavior was a lot like dry drunk behavior despite not being an alcoholic, herself. She responded that she had not attended Al-anon for some years. That really opened my eyes to the value to staying in recovery whether online, in person or both. I, honestly don't know where I would be without this program. It continues to be a gift for guiding my decisions in both alcoholic and non alcoholic life situations. Wishing the best for you and your family. Take good care. Keep coming back. ((hugs)))



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HI Gailsy, welcome

So glad you were able to get back in, good to have you here. Life has a way of offering a lifetime of learning lessons and Alanon is up to the task of helping and guiding us through it.

We are blessed to have had and have some long time and strong contributors, and many new faces as well. We are all in this together!

As far as the phone, something I would try is a Google search that includes: phone model add website shortcut

That's my go to strategy for many things, at least a place to start; hope it helps, look forward to seeing you here!



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{{{Gailsy}}}. I think you were here before me, but welcome back. I agree that your grandchild is so lucky to have you in the mix of family caregivers. I am also not living the life I envisioned for myself, but with the grace of God and alanon I am able to feel fairly well much of the time. It does keep me busy though--I go to a weekly meeting and try to be on MIP daily. It's a lot of work, but for me well worth it. It's wonderful that you are reaching out to alanon again--you can't go wrong there. Keep coming back. :)



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