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Post Info TOPIC: C2C February 3, 2023 Al-Anon & Your HP

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C2C February 3, 2023 Al-Anon & Your HP

smileI must warn you all you may find this long!smile

Today's C2C reading discusses how anyone new to Al-Anon expects that they will learn how to "cure" the alcoholic in their life.

That the Al-Anon program will, in essence, produce their serenity, by easing all their past and present pain. What we soon

learn as time goes on that the serenity has to do with our ability to connect to our Higher Power. By doing so opens up a

whole new world of possibilities to grow as human beings.

Today's Reminder: "Today I seek serenity, knowing that when I am serene, I am capable of becoming more fully, and more passionately myself."

Today's Quote: "Without this program I could not have appreciated how truly wonderful my life can be in spite of difficult situations." ~ In All Our Affairs

I asked my Higher Power this week to help be to find a bridge that I can cross to a more peaceful shore because living with an alcoholic who is quite frankly

impossible to have any type of discussion with leaves me to tread carefully in their presence. In treading carefully, the alcoholic rejects my approach because

then they no longer have me as their confrontational battering board and proceeded to talk about me to their family members painting a picture of someone

who does not love or appreciate all that they do for me. This all came to light in a letter that their sister wrote them in a birthday card received earlier in the

week that the alcoholic allowed me to read (interesting huh?).

I take the same position that I have been taking and will not let any of this nonsense affect me by asking my Higher Powers for their help. There is nothing I

can do about any of this as long as the alcoholic continues to drink. Their family does not know the background of this drinker and our relationship and it is

none of their business. The fact that the alcoholic is talking to their family members about this is all a controlling tactic, because the alcoholic wants

confrontation and I side step them so they named it unloving and ungrateful!! J

I Let Go and Let God handle all of it because there is nothing to say without causing more trouble and thereby giving the alcoholic more room to create more

chaos, which is what their ultimate goal is. I will not let the alcoholic control me and my life, just like I do not interfere and try to control their life and their

drinking. I really dont care what other people think as far as what the alcoholic told them (because it is from an exaggerated sick mindset) and as far as the

sister-in-law is concerned she is looking for anything that will cause problems so she could control her brother and have me out of the way (obviously this has

happened before so I know the drill). Sounds like a soap opera!!! J In the end I had a good laugh because I definitely will not lose any sleep over this and

my serenity is too important. Note: He seems quite confused at my non-reaction and that is the way this situation will remain.

That is how I have learned to view such occurrences and retain my serenity thanks to Al-Anon and my HP.

TGIF MIP Family!! {{HUGS}}


"Forgiveness doesn't excuse bad behavior, but it

does prevent bad behavior from destroying your heart". ~unknown

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{{{Debbie}}} Thank you for your service and inspiring share. You are a wonderful example of how using all program teaches us, can bring us peace and serenity "no matter what the alcoholic is doing." I strive to act the same way as you do, and often, I can keep myself together under sad and or stressful circumstances. Thanks for this wonderful share. :)



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Thank you Debbie for your service and share. Lyne, you articulated my feelings so well. It is truly amazing how each day my HP/Al-Anon offers me a way of life that brings me joy and serenity. It is brutally cold today but that hasn't stopped me from being productive. Have a wonderful day.


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C2C February 3, 2023 Al-Anon & Your HP

Good afternoon

Holy cow today's reading and your share Debbie are both exactly what I needed right at this moment.

But it's not even an A that I am struggling with at the moment but it still applies and helps me know what I need to do/not do.

So grateful I came here to read right now.

Have a good day everyone

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