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Post Info TOPIC: Hope for Today, Monday, 10/10, Step One Backwards

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Hope for Today, Monday, 10/10, Step One Backwards

The writer makes the point to say they don't always notice when they are powerless, but they always notice when life becomes unmanageable.  When they feel insane, they are often trying to control outcomes or others.  Life becomes worse when indulging their ego and trying to get their own way.  The result is pain, frustration, and failure.  Once they accept powerlessness, and turn to their HP, they become spiritually teachable.  Sometimes we have to go through a struggle before we surrender and accept reality.  Progress not perfection.


This reading speaks to me because this is my life.  I am making progress, I'm also more compassionate, and in addition I enjoy my life much of the time.  But being human means I will get caught in the alcoholic's trap, and it is entirely up to me to turn this around.  Yes I have to take responsibility to change myself, instead of dreaming about what ifs, as though I can change someone else.  And that's why I keep coming back, because I'm sure that I can't do this alone.




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Thank you {{Lyne}} for your service, reading and candor.

I too feel the same as you and Al-Anon has most certainly taught me to be more

"compassionate" and to fully take "responsibility" for my happiness. Accepting

my powerlessness over the alcoholic and turning it over to HP, per Al-Anon, makes

it so much easier for me to work on myself and find serenity. Grateful member!


"Forgiveness doesn't excuse bad behavior, but it

does prevent bad behavior from destroying your heart". ~ unknown


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