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Post Info TOPIC: C2C, Monday, 7/18, Easy Does It

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C2C, Monday, 7/18, Easy Does It

The writer talks about coming to alanon with hopes that if we work better and faster, we can speed up our process of recovery.  But alanon is a long-term process in order to achieve growth and change.  It is suggested that we try "Easy Does It," and our work can be accomplished if we stop pushing.  The process of change needs to happen at it's own pace.

Reminder:  I take my commitment to recovery seriously, but I can't expect to recover overnight.  When I approach my life with an "Easy Does It" attitude, I treat myself and the world around me gently and lovingly.


This reading brought me back to my first F2F meeting years ago.  I thought and expected to learn how to fix my A and all would be well.  Ha!  I recall the let down and disappointment I felt, but I could also sense that something good had happened to many of the folks in the room.  Once I could put my unreasonable expectations aside, I realized that this was exactly the place I needed to be.  And over time, things have improved greatly.  I am different, and I can cope with life in a much improved way.  Besides for Easy Does It, I try to take ODAT, and accept that time takes time.



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Thanks Lyne.
I really thought I understood that recovery would be a lifelong process but then, once I was away from the drama of an active A in my house, I somehow decided I was recovered and didn't need it anymore. Ha! Here I am again, hopefully this time a little wiser and less eager to declare myself all better again. I guess laughing at ourselves for these kinds of flawed thinking counts as "easy does it"


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Thank you so much Lyne for your service, reading and to you and YKM for both your ESH.

I agree with you both, "Easy Does It" is what I do try to accomplish everyday. Instead of looking at

what I have or have not physically done, if what I did was done with that " Easy Does It" attitude

then I accomplished a lot!!!  smile  (Hope that made sense!)


"Forgiveness doesn't excuse bad behavior, but it

does prevent bad behavior from destroying your heart". ~ unknown


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