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Post Info TOPIC: 7/12/22 ODAT - Live and Let Live…MMOB

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7/12/22 ODAT - Live and Let Live…MMOB

This writer ponders other words that would convey Step 1 in other effective ways. Some considered: 

* If I'm powerless, why do I try to control another's drinking?

* Let go and Let the Higher Power work...

* If powerless, it makes sense only to Live and Let Live: live my life fully, let others live theirs.

* Mind My Own Business...

Reminder - Right now, today, I can lighten my burden by letting go of all that is not mine. I will review my thoughts and take action only where truly required. 

"Keep thyself first in the peace and then thou wilt be able to bring others to peace. Have, therefore, a zeal in the first place over thyself..." - Thomas a' Kempis
This has been an area of great struggle for me recently as I find myself overextending my reach over someone else's business, with predictable and unpleasant results for all.

As I meditate on this this morning, I am reminded of the simplicity and power of Step 1, no matter how I phrase it. 

I am taking far more action and thought, experiencing far more distress than necessary or required, why? Same old reason: I've slipped into thinking that I know what is best for myself and others, and as often happens, I've become unpleasant in demanding things go that way...everyone loses, no one has peace.

Today I will work on 'only where required'...let go of all else, enjoy the peace that blooms in the resulting open spaces...grateful for the reminders




"...when we try to control others, we lose the ability to manage our own lives."  - Paths to Recovery 

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Thank you so much Paul for your service, today's reading and ESH.

I have to admit that when I learned I could let go and let God it was the most freeing moment!!

Grateful Al-Anon/MIP member!!


"Forgiveness doesn't excuse bad behavior, but it

does prevent bad behavior from destroying your heart". ~ unknown


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Thanks Paul for your service and above ESH. MMOB--so simple and once in awhile seems so difficult to do. In kindergarten we were told to keep our hands to ourself. That's way more easier for me. I'm much better at letting go and letting God than I used to be, but sometimes the old thinking takes a hold. You know what they say: practice, practice, and practice. Progress not perfection. :)



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