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Post Info TOPIC: Bonus Reading: 3/29/22 ODAT - Turn on the Light, Take the Car, Learn from Alanon

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Bonus Reading: 3/29/22 ODAT - Turn on the Light, Take the Car, Learn from Alanon

This page observes that some have turned away from a god concept in favor of taking full ownership of life decisions and results, perhaps feeling they can't do worse, and likely will do better. 

The writer compares this to walking into a room without turning on the light: is the stumble that likely follows more a result of the darkness or the choice to rely on our insufficient senses?

If we turn down the available conveyance by auto, choosing to walk, and thus arrive late to our destination, is it on us (choice) or because of the distance?  

In this sense, Alanon provides guidance for dealing with alcoholic and life situations, including using a higher power concept (that some choose to call 'god') that we can take advantage of or choose to ignore in favor of our own strategies. 

Reminder: To solve problems that arise, I can search out and use intelligent solutions. Alanon has helped many with problems similar to ours, using the guidance can reduce confusion and lead to Serenity.

"Unless I love my martyrdom and cling to it, I need not be alone in freeing myself from whatever troubles me." - unattributed
When I first heard of Alanon, I had long abandoned using a god figure as a resource and ridiculed others who did. I had also, however, maxxed out with my own methods of dealing with a drinker in my life. I had, therefore, become willing to try anything that could bring relief...

Though I struggled with the term 'god' Alanon is very clear from the start that it is a concept that is completely customizable, adaptable to any worldview, and a concept that is simply designed to help me realize I can not nor should not (try to) do it all myself.

I need to do less, let everyone and everything do more...less of me is generally better for all outcomes. Alanon introduced me to that life changing concept, encouraged me to flip on the light switch, see a better way around first someone's drinking and eventually life's challenges.

I am so grateful that I was desperate enough to be grateful for the wisdom and guidance of Alanon  




"...when we try to control others, we lose the ability to manage our own lives."  - Paths to Recovery 

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Thank you Paul for your service, todays bonus reading and your ESH.

I so agree that handing those issues, that are outside of my control, to my HP has been

a huge help in alleviating my stress and confusion. I love the "light switch" analogy!!

As always, grateful to Al-Anon and MIP.


"Forgiveness doesn't excuse bad behavior, but it

does prevent bad behavior from destroying your heart". ~ unknown


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Thanks Paul for your service and above ESH. What I take from this reading is that I cannot and should not rely solely on my own. If I reflect upon the past briefly, I know darn well that in my own little bubble, things have not worked out so well. Whether I call upon HP, or my alanon tools, or a trusted friend or family member, it's good to "keep an open mind" and listen and learn. And the bonus for me is if I can then pause and think, I allow myself info and time to form a decision that is well thought out. All good!



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