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Post Info TOPIC: Courage To Change Oct, 27th.

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Courage To Change Oct, 27th.

Hi, on reading this reading, the person says that there was enough of God's love and guidance to go around to everyone, especially to the ones who seek it. They went on to say that theirs was tested one night when someone else in the Meeting spoke about their Higher Power with intensity, personal love that matched theirs. They were worried that they would be less love for them. But they went on to say that they realized that the opposite was true, they found that by listening to others share about their HP  and how well the HP has taken care of them, they felt closer to their HP.

For myself, that is so true, I love to hear of how others perceive their HP. When I look at my relationship that I have/had with my HP, it has changed so very much. I use to hold on to Him in Fear, I knew I needed Him, but was scared to hold on, and scared to let Go. In Early recovery, I use to say that my HP needed a Sponsor, to put up with me, I sure didn't make it easy for him.

I also, use to say that He was Bald, Blind, and Deaf. "Why" was the next question, well, I would say, that He  would pull His Hair out watching me get into situations that weren't good for me. Blind, He put His Hands over His eyes as to not watch me, walk through life. Deaf, when He would hear me say things [I have foot and mouth disease}, that were not good He would put His Hands over His Ears, so He couldn't hear.

But I can say now, because I have behaved myself, after many, many meetings, listening, learning, and applying, His Hair has grown back, He can now Hear, and does always keep His eyes on me. I no longer fear Him, He is my Friend, and is always walking beside me, no matter what. He knows that I trust Him with My will, Life, and that of all my beloved Family Members, as they are all going through life, dealing with their issues. He often tells me to rest when things are going Tough for My Family, that He has it in control.

So that is what I feel about my HP. I look back on my journey before Al-Anon when I was coping with all the things I had to, rearing 3 children in an violent alcoholic Marriage, and can see how many times He had His Hands all around us, and kept us safe, and I know that He does it for my beloved family now.

Love WendyP.


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Hi Wendy, thank you for your service and share. I think each of us has a unique relationship with our respective HP. And mine seems to evolve as I grow and change in this program. I came to alanon with a relationship with the God of my understanding, and our program reinforces having faith in any way we can. I find I need help with my life and always will. Its been tough in many respects. Having a meaningful relationship with my HP helps me everyday, in every way. I pray every morning, thankful for the good things I have, asking blessings for specific people, and hoping that all people can have mental balance, physical health, an end to violence, and world peace. I know its a lot to ask. My first sponsor taught me this saying which I never forgot: I cant, He can, so I will let Him.



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Thank you Wendy for sharing todays reading and agree with you and Lyne, that

our relationship with a HP is different for all of us, but benefits us all in individually

special ways. Thank you Al-Anon for giving us all an opportunity to believe in our

our ways!!


"Forgiveness doesn't excuse bad behavior, but it

does prevent bad behavior from destroying your heart". ~ unknown


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