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Post Info TOPIC: Courage to Change September 30

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Courage to Change September 30

In today's reading, the author reflects on the slogan "Just for today" - There are many things to try out, just for today - a new behavior, a different point of view, a pattern of behavior, a more positive response. The author suggests that maybe, life is a series of experiments in which some succeed and some fail. Just for today lets us try out different things and learn from what happens. The past is over, and tomorrow is out of reach, so the author suggests remembering what a great gift today is, and making full use of it. 

Today's Reminder: Just for today I will look for ways to enjoy life - stop by a garden, try a new hobby, or call a good friend. I can look for humor. I can savor love. I can explore something new. Maybe just for today, I'll try standing on my head to see if I like the view. 

Today's Quote: "Just for today I will find a little time to relax and to realize what life is and can be; time to think about God and get a better perspective on myself." Alcoholism, the Family Disease


I like the slogan "just for today" - in my AlAnon program, I found that it made change less scary and less hard, because I didn't have to commit to doing something a certain way forever; I could try it just once, and see if it fit, if it was effective, if I got the results I wanted. I didn't have to have all the answers or know the right thing to do right away. I didn't have to be perfect - I could try something different, and be gentle with myself if it didn't go very well. I could try a new response, and didn't have to worry about how hard it would be to do that again every time a certain situation came up. For me, this slogan helped me to be brave, to decide I wanted something else, and to make positive change. 

I had a very sick pup on my hands yesterday. Thank goodness the vet was able to get us in. I'm hoping for a better day today, and waiting for a call with lab results and hopefully a treatment plan this morning. 

I hope you make today a great day! 



If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present. - Lao Tzu

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Skorpi, thank you for your service , great share, and blessings for your dog to have a positive outcome.

I also like this slogan, Just For Today, although it took me a couple years to warm up to it. I used to think about how miserable I felt, so just for today how could I even imagine anything could be different or better. Fast forward now, yesterday I had a dreaded eye doctor appt., and so the day before I spoke to my alanon friend and said, ODAT, dont have to think about that appt. today (Monday). Just for Monday, I could enjoy the walk outside with my dogs, my FaceTime call with my program friend, etc. I believe our thoughts create our feelings. If I think about awful, scary, or stressors all the time every day, Im going to be an emotional mess as I used to be. Program has taught me a new way. Grateful member.



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Thank you Skorpi for your service and the daily. Thank you both for your shares & ESH. I am also a big fan of Just For just helps ground me in the present vs. the past or the future. Neither of these places does much for me as far as my serenity and joy go!

I readily admit that as a creature of structure and routines, adding something new isn't typically a 'whim' in this present day. I am much more of a planning for trying something new to do. I have no issue is trying a new behavior, response, prayer, etc. I still have a bit of anxiety over new 'things' in so much as action, just because my mind is competitive and I have some fear of failure. I will readily admit that as I golf with the God of my understanding, I continue to pray to relax and remember this is supposed to be fun!!

The most important Just For Today aspect I cherish is being authentic and true to self. When I am able to be me, perfectly imperfect, I am comfortable in my skin, just for today. When I expect or am expected to be anyone else, it's way, way different.

Love and light all - headed to a different golf course today with old golf friends!! Really, really excited to see these ladies, some of which I've not seen since last year. Make it a great day!


Practice the PAUSE...Pause before judging.  Pause before assuming.  Pause before accusing.  Pause whenever you are about to react harshly and you will avoid doing and saying things you will later regret.  ~~~~  Lori Deschene



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Thank you Skorpi for your service, and Lyne for your share.

"Just for Today" helped me a lot when I was living alongside the disease. At some point (probably when I became emotionally stronger), I realized that all those strung together "Just for Todays" wasn't the life I wanted for the rest of my days. I felt I deserved more. Awareness. Acceptance. Action.

I find that everything in Al-Anon has a purpose... just sometimes you aren't ready to accept that purpose... that's OK, the beauty is that it will be here for you when you are ready!



"The wolf that thrives, is the one you feed." - Cherokee legend

"Hello, sun in my face. Hello you who made the morning and spread it over the fields... Watch, now, how I start the day in happiness, in kindness."  ~ Mary Oliver



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 aww Thanks Skorpi, and hi, Lyne, Iam and P. smile

                          Mostly I could recall the turning points in my life- which were also dramatic show-downs. My body would just get tense thinking about them- and angry too... hmm ...

...over time I was able to fill in the gaps. Huts, both in trees and below ground. I can still smell the sap in the trees, and the cotton leaves on the ground. Animals- lots of cats, dogs, ponies, sheep, cows... and th unconditional love they had.

And people too- neighbours, rellies.

I used to talk about my "poisonality". Not so much today.

Gropwing up there was ab ig prohibition on "navel gazing" or looking backwards.

I embraced them both and found a future too!

The present moment is made up of all sorts of things- memories, emotions,; both laughter and tears. 

I used to say that Alanon was about laughter and tears- and a good measure of both.



A Universe that Creates Flowers : Has to be Trustworthy.

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