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well today , I went out for a drive...stopped in this sorta discount, warehouse place near me and found the cutest full sized futon you can use as a couch or a bed...its got legs so I can use risers under the legs and raise it up.....burgundy mattress....4" thick at least.....soooo sweet and it will go great with my spongue painted walls,  I wanted one for a long time and finally just DID IT

roommate was upset because she is "losing her couch and her place to sit"   I reminded her that this is MY house and I wanted that futon, as they can't keep the "youth" sized ones in stock, (very popular)  and I told her that she can bring in one of the outside comfy chairs and sit in living room if she wants...she CANNOT sit on my futon if she does not want her A** falling on the ground...I told her that the guy said UP TO 200#  anything over that and roommate will go SPLAT on the floor, so I told her she cannot sit on it.....I won't put any risers on the legs to "hike it up"  till roommate leaves...she is so large, she cannot sit low and get up,  so I will leave fouton, low , as it is, till roommate is gone...then I'll get out my risers and "hike it up" about 4"  and it will feel more like a couch...AND if I have a guest for the night, I just take the risers off and turn it into a full sized bed.....easy as pie!!!!  those things are nice and light...easy to move when cleaning AND I WANTED ONE!!!!  I was very "put off" when roommate could not be happy for me, treating myself to something I have always was all about her and her inability to sit on "low furniture" like a futon.....and yea, I was kind, but reminded her this is MY place and I am gonna have what I want in it....shes welcome to use one of the big comfy chairs that is outside and bring it into living room and sit all she wants.....geeeez some people ...can't wait till the 3rd......

other than her crappy attitude which I blew off as HER issue not mine, I went and visited my friends and we had a good laugh session.....ricky, my handyman found a GREAT 32" vizio tv for linda's computer and we played with it and now she has her tv which she can use her dvd player AND her computer she can use the vizeo with....I was very happy for her...someone just scrapped it and ricky grabbed it and it works GREAT!!!!!   

I had a fun day...I indulged in my futon treat and I am very happy and excited when ricky and i pick it up, and he totes off that big ole couch.....I had some extra bit of money and I treated ME...not just essentials and bills....I got MYSELF a TREAT and I am going to enjoy the hell out of this...they are great as couches and I can lie on it and watch tv and nap if I want to......


so how did you all do today????


Rose, a work in progress!!!


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I can definitely emphathize with the great feeling of getting your home together. After 4 months of living out of a suitcase (not literally) it is really great to have my own space. In my case my space is very small but it is my own space. After being really sick for a long time I am starting to feel better. I had lost track of what that thing calles energy is. Tonight I listened to a talk on patience. I did not have much practice of that necessary skill. There is no time like the present to put thst into practice. Patience that this crisis will unfold. Patience that I will get through this moving process. I am still on Phase 2. Phase 3 is not even begun. I have taken a little time away from work which is really essential at times. I also really wanted to change my assignment. My supervisor kept putting me in double bind positions where I had to work more hours. Of course the extra money is one of the reasons why I can actually take time off but I need to take care of myself I had let my health completely go down the drain there. Now I have time to work on eating better and getting better. Most of all I have time to do what Betty did so well which was relish the time I have. I got to the point with my health that I almost threw that all away.

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